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Gu Family Book Ep 15: Seunggi surprises Suzy with magical flower [ENG]

English translation below…

(Kangchi’s smile~~~ so happy to see Yeowool!)
YW: Ah, Kangchi-ya!
KC: You’re in the middle of your training?
YW: Yes… take a look. (Yeowool going major aegyo, puts out her hard-worked hands for Kangchi to see and show pity! Ha.) Does it make sense at this age to be holed up learning how to sew?!
KC: Terrible. It must have hurt! It must have really hurt! (Ha. Omg, Kangchi!)
YW: A sword would be better. Getting stuck by needles really hurts!

KC: But it makes me feel a little bit better.
YW: In what way?
KC: Now you won’t be running alone into the forest. And won’t be easily using a woman’s body to fight.
YW: Hey, Choi Kangchi… how come you talk like that…
KC: Also, you won’t experience danger because of me…

YW: Still, I don’t think this is right. It’s so frustrating, I feel like I’ll go crazy…
(Kangchi jumps up on the ledge and presents Yeowool with a flower stem).
YW: What is this stem?
KC: Hey now, it’s not just a a stem. Look more carefully.
(Magical blue dots appear, and a flower magically grows).

YW: Wow!
KC: What do you think?! It’s so neat, right?!
YW: Did you do that? How? How did you you make it happen?
KC: I’m not sure either. (Kangchi’s laugh so cute here!)
YW: You don’t know? Then how did this happen?
KC: I just looked at it and said, “Grow Grow.” And it really grew.
YW: Wow! Kangchi, you have some amazing powers! You’re so awesome!
(Kangchi presents Yeowool with the flower. Cue Seunggi’s OST “Last Words.” Their fingers touch and as always, Seunggi simply lets his expression and eyes do all the acting needed to convey his emotions.)

YW: Thank you, Kangchi-ya.
KC: Mmmm.
(OMFG, Kangchi and his many “Mmmm” moments.  He should just use that for every response from now on! Aw, and cut to Kangchi’s hands behind his back, cradling his red bead bracelet, not wearing it. Gosh, I really can’t help but to love Kangchi. He was abandoned by his parents, picked up by the river, loved by Lord Park yet only to have him taken away, and left to deal with his part-beast part-human self and the scornful judgment of others… SO glad he has Yeowool, Lee Soonshin, and Master Gondol.  Can’t help but to totally love the sweet and kind Kangchi and root for him all the way!)

English: LSGfan, Video: MBCdrama

Images: MBC, Soompi GFB

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One Response

  1. I’m swooning. It’s one thing to give a girl flowers, it’s another to make it grow in front of her! Gumiho power!

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