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Gu Family Book Ep 15: Seunggi carries wounded Suzy [ENG]

English translation below…

KC: Does it hurt a lot?  Can you walk?
YW: It’s okay, it’s bearable.
KC: Get on my back. (Whoa~ so innocent, but how come so very hot?!)
YW: What are you talking about?! Forget it, I don’t do that.
KC: I said to get on my back (Whoa Kangchi! I love this side of you!)
YW: I said I don’t want to.

KC: Okay then, should I carry you?
YW: What did you say?
KC: Which do you want? Get on my back or do you want me to carry you?
YW: It’s not like my leg’s broken. It’s just unstable. I can sufficiently walk.
(Aww~~~~ Kangchi swoops up Yeowool as she starts to walk forward! Cue the music. More lingering. Seunggi always has the best eye gaze!)

KC: Fine, then I’ll carry you.
YW: Hey, I told you I’m fine! Put me down.
KC: No way.
YW: It’s a long ways down. Come on, put me down.
KC: No way, I said.
YW: It’ll be hard on you. (omg, Kangchi shushing at her is hot!)

KC: At moments like this, you’re supposed to just let things be. Just act like you don’t know what’s going on and leave it to me. How is it possible for a girl not do that?
YW: It’s because I feel bad.
KC: It’s not hard for me at all. If I was told to walk like this all night long, I can go as long as possible, so just stay put. Okay? (Yeowool relaxes a bit…) Yeah like that. Now you’re a bit relaxed. (OMFG!!! I demand at least one of these kinds of scenes for every remaining episode!)

YW: Kangchi-ya.
KC: Hm…?
YW: Thanks.
KC: Mmmm.

(Oh no! Romantic moment cut short by the Gon, Pyongjoon, others! Darn it!)

English: LSGfan, Video: MBCdrama

Images:  Naver, Soompi GFB

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2 Responses

  1. when Gon and the others appeared I yelled “ah men, could you please go back behind the bush and give a bit privacy to KC-YW” …lol

    • When Gon appeared, I went, “Oh no, no,no!” THEN master Dam appeared, and that was when the s*** hit the fan! Groan! But I’m actually surprised that KC didn’t just drop her! Too much of a gentleman I suppose, or maybe he liked carrying her too much!

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