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“Sincere” and “trustworthy” actor Lee Seunggi selected as Nation’s Governing Hanwoo Board endorsement model

Nation’s boyfriend Lee Seunggi has emerged to share the story of Nation’s food hanwoo.

Actor Lee Seunggi has emerged as the endorsement model on behalf of carefully farmed hanwoo (Korean cattle beef).  It was revealed that Lee Seunggi, who is garnering great popularity as an actor, was selected as the endorsement model and his new commercial will begin airing on May 21.

In the commercial filmed on May 9, Lee Seunggi, known for his continuous trustworthy image, shares a message about the safety and trustworthiness of our hanwoo beef.

The director of public messaging at Nation’s Governing Hanwoo Board said, “We selected Lee Seunggi as the endorsement model because his continuous sincere image is well matched to the honest and trustworthy hanwoo image,” adding “Through top model Lee Seunggi, we anticipate national interest will be heightened for the high quality taste and nourishment of hanwoo.”

Currently, Lee Seunggi is playing the lead actor in MBC Monday-Tuesday drama “Gu Family Book” and despite the long and hot days on the filming set, it was revealed that he continued to smile throughout, making for a bright environment.

English: LSGfan via Hanwoo Board facebook; Hanwoo Board

We Koreans are serious about both high quality meat and national pride!  So it’s not surprising that they selected Nation’s beloved Seunggi~~!!!

The hanwoo industry dealt with setback a few years ago from related disease and the public relations disaster of former ambassador Lee Hyori becoming vegetarian.  Talk about the timeliness… with Seunggi playing part-beast, part human Kangchi!  Will he be eating hanwoo in the latter episodes~~~?!

The way hanwoo is farmed is kind of interesting…

Yeungnam University: No Wonder Hanwoo Beef Tastes ‘Better’!

ASAS: Science and tradition make Hanwoo beef unique

Korean Joongang Daily: Hanwoo takes beef to the next level

CNN: South Korea’s luxury cattle a source of national pride

Seunggi is the 6th ambassador for the Nation’s Governing Hanwoo Board.

(5th) 2012 – Actress Kim Sun Ah

(4th) 2011 – Actor Choi Soo Jong and Actress Ha He Rah couple

(3rd) 2010 – Singer Lee Hyori

(2nd) 2009 – Actor Choi Boo Ram

(1st) 2008 – Actor Kim Sang Kyung

via Naver Hanwoo blog

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