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Gu Family Book: Seunggi pleads with Yoo Yeonsuk and Lee Yubi not to take his bracelet

Seunggi is seriously breaking my heart with these kinds of scenes…

KC: Taeseo-ya.
TS: I’ve come to take your life, Kangchi-ya.

(Kangchi remembers back to conversation with Teacher)
Teacher: What if they don’t want you anymore? What are you going to do? Just as you are different compared to before, what if they changed? What if they no longer thought of you as family? What are you going to do then?
KC: That won’t happen. Taeseo and Chungjo would never betray me.
Teacher: Humans are not as you think them to be. They can be far worse.

KC: Taeseo… How can this be?
TS: Chungjo is my only remaining precious family member. (meaning Kangchi doesn’t count?! huhu) In order to protect her, I have no choice.
KC: What are you saying?
TS: Forgive me… Kangchi-ya.

(Taeseo goes to remove Kangchi’s bracelet…)
KC: You can’t, Taeseo. Don’t do it! You mustn’t! Please!

English: LSGfan, Video: MBCdrama

KC: Taeseo, you can’t.  Please don’t! No!!!
(Taeseo takes off Kangchi’s bracelet and they all see him transform for the first time.  Kangchi can’t help but to defend himself against Taeseo.  Realizing what he’s done, he feels sorry, but Chungjo freaks out.).
KC: Taeseo…
(Chungjo throws rocks at Kangchi, tells him to go away! So sad.)

English: LSGfan, Video: MBCdrama

Stills from this scene.

Poor Kangchi~~~

He can’t help that he becomes this way, and he tried to warn Taeseo. huhu.

So sad….

Behind the scenes photos.

Seunggi, Yeonsuk, Yubi, Jo Jaeyoon.  Really like these actors!

Love these pics of Seunggi and Yeonsuk~~~

I hope Kangchi and Taeseo’s brotherhood survives and has a happy ending.

Images: MBC, DCLSG

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