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Gu Family Book: Seunggi counts beans, Suzy by his side

(Kangchi counting beans, as part of his training to become human. He thinks back to the soldiers’ reaction to his transforming into half-beast).
Soldier: That was the first time I saw a monster!
(Yeowool falling asleep toward Kangchi’s shoulder… Aw)

KC: Honestly, I’m curious too. The parents who gave birth to me so that I became like this, why they discarded me down the river… but when I keep thinking about such things, I’m afraid I will hate them, so that’s why [I try not to think about it]… (Kangchi is just too sweet.  His parents better not mess with him! Aw, Yeowool was pretend sleeping.)

KC: That’s why, thank you Yeowool-ah… for asking me. (Awww) But what could that have been, that wind feeling before… 

English: LSGfan, Video: MBCdrama

I really hope Writer-nim provides all the happiness for Kangchi that he deserves…
Seunggi, via Kangchi,  is seriously breaking my heart with each and every episode.

Stills.  The never-ending counting beans thing better have some significance!

Love love love that Seunggi is reunited with his The King 2 Hearts father-in-law!!!!

Master Gondol is a freaking awesome character!

Plus, he’s totally all-in for supporting Kangchi-Yeowool!

Previous scenes with Master Gondol!  Aw, Kangchi~~~~

Kangchi getting his chicken reward after recovering the treasure from Gwanwoong.

Images: MBC

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