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Gu Family Book: Seunggi and Suzy’s lantern festival date

YW: Yay, it’s Kangchi! (Ha, but KC runs right past her!)
KC: I’m sorry. (Ha, KC doesn’t even notice her.)
YW: Kangchi-ya… You’re late.
KC: Dam Yeowool, is that you?

1:35-2:10 [cut to Gwanwoong and mysterious lady]

KC: You… How come you came here dressed like this? (omg)
YW: Sometimes, I dress like this. Why? Is this dress weird?
KC: Yeah… (omg, again!)
YW: What’s weird about it?
KC: Just… everything… (oh nos) Hey, where are you going?
YW: You said it was weird. You probably don’t want to be with a weird person!
KC: No, I didn’t mean weird in that way!
YW: Then, weird in what way?
KC: I mean… that it just doesn’t seem like you. It seems like someone totally different, that’s why I was just caught off guard.
YW: This is me too.
KC: Okay, don’t get mad (pfft)
YW: I don’t know why I put up with you (sigh. Ha.)
KC: Hey, where are you going?
YW: It’s the Lantern Festival. I need to go make my wish. (hehe)

YW: So what do you think? Do you like [this wish]?
KC: It’s great. It’s perfect! But Yeowool, what’s your wish?
YW: Right there, what you just saw.
KC: That wasn’t my wish?
YW: What are you talking about?! That’s my wish… that you hurry up and find the Gu family book and become human… that’s my wish. (Aw, Kangchi  so touched!) Stop staring, you’re going to burn a hole in my face...

English: LSGfan, Video: MBCdrama

Stills. Wish we could see the BTS video of this scene…

Fan Art.  Aw, very sweet…

Images: MBC, Soompi/As labeled

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