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Actors Lee Sungjae – Seunggi are totally different off-screen

Behind the scenes photos from the Gu Family Book filming set.  I’ve loved all the scenes between Lee Sungjae (Gwanwoong) and Seunggi (Kangchi). Seunggi’s scenes with veteran actors are always awesome! And thank God… Lee Sungjae in real-life is COMPLETELY different from terrible bastard Jo Gwanwoong!!

On the May 7, 2013 filming set, Lee Sungjae garnered attention for his heartwarming “cuteness” off camera, which is 100% different from his drama character.  Although his character is always creating conflict whenever he and Lee Seunggi are in scenes together, Lee Sungjae talked naturally with Lee Seunggi during the breaks. With a smile on his face, he was a 180 degree different when showing Lee Seunggi something on his mobile device.

Although he was in full Jo Gwanwoong mode during filming, off-camera, he created a great environment by being warm and attentive to the younger actors (hoobaes). As soon as Lee Seunggi began filming his scene, Lee Sungjae paid close attention to his acting and recorded this on his mobile device. After Lee Seunggi finished filming his scene, he watched the video and discussed it together with Lee Seunggi, and they created a heartwarming vibe as they made one another laugh. Awww.


puahahahahah!  These two evil villains being all cute is HIL-arious!!!

Lee Sungjae is also currently appearing on MBC Friday variety show “I Live Alone.”  It’s a fairly new variety show that started airing prior to Gu Family Book, and he’s been been getting a lot of attention through that too.  I think that’s the only reason people don’t totally hate Lee Sungjae!  Would love to see him and Seunggi do an interview together!

Seunggi recently said that he admired the Lee Sungjae’s ability to stick to his solid mode of acting despite chatter from critics or other people.  Really love that Seunggi gets to work closely with veteran actors.

via Sportsworld/Nate

Images: Newsen, MBC

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