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Gu Family Book Ep 12: Kangchi returns to human state as Yeowool clasps his bloodied hand [ENG trans]

YW: Father, you can’t! (Aw, Kangchi’s reaction)
KC: Yeowool-ah.
YW: Father, you can’t. Please put away your sword.
Dad: Don’t you see him for what he is?! Move!
YW: Father!
Dad: He isn’t a human. Move!

YW: I won’t. Father, you said, “There aren’t bad people in this world, just that there are bad circumstances.” It’s the same for Kangchi. Kangchi didn’t transform because he’s bad, but only because of bad circumstances. You know that. So please, put away your sword. Kangchi hasn’t done anything wrong. It’s not Kangchi’s fault! (Aw, Kangchi lets go of the guy’s neck)

Dad: You need to move.
YW: Father!
Dad: Do you not hear me! I said, move!
(Wah~~ Cue the music! Yeowool clenches Kangchi’s bloodied clawed hand! Growling Kangchi immediately calms down and Yeowool fully links her fingers with Kangchi to hold his hand as he stares at her, not blinking!)

YW: No, I won’t move. Never. (Kangchi calls out, “Yeowool-ah” as he stares at her! Soon enough, our Kangchi returns back to full-human for everyone to see. Omg, these two are breaking my heart!  Who cannot love these two!)

Voice: For a destiny that’s already begun, human strength cannot block it.

English: LSGfan, video: MBCdrama

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3 Responses

  1. Thank you … really appreciate the translation as I really want to know what they’re talking about in this scene. I really love the way YeoWool stand beside KangChi and hold his hand … such a good scene. Looking forward for more stories of this couple in the next epis

  2. Seunggi is amazing in this scene!

  3. Thank you so much for the translation. This scene was absolutely beautiful.

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