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Gu Family Book Ep 6: Seunggi’s first dramatic transformation in the forest [Stills + Video]

Loved these high quality stills and the video cuts.  When Kangchi transforms into his beastly side, I love that we sense a real humanity and expression in his eyes.  We know he’s not menacing, or that he doesn’t want to be.  His first transformation in the forest was intense(!), especially with Yeowool watching.  SO curious what his second forest transformation will be like…. and how others (Chungjo, Taeso?) will react.  No one could accept and love Kangchi the way Yeowool did immediately after witnessing it the first time?!?!   Hope she’s there for the second time around too.

VIDEO – Kangchi transforms, takes on Gwanwoong’s bad guys!  So dramatic.

(video: MBCdrama)

I really love the sort of innocent aura to Kangchi’s face when he transforms, partially due to Seunggi’s baby and puppy face and partially because of the way Seunggi’s eyes are expressing the character.  It makes us really want to totally root for him and want the best for him in his journey….

VIDEO – Fan cut of make-up in prep for transformation.  Sorrowful vibe…

(video: sunnynarasg)

VIDEO – Full cut of BTS video.  Serious eye contact! Whoa~~ Seunggi…

(video: threiful)

Images: MBC

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  1. Pls help me to upload kang chi pls
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