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Gu Family Book Ep 10: Seunggi discovers Suzy is not a boy [Stills, Video]

Seriously~~~ if any OTHER guy did this to a girl, Koreans would’ve thrown a fit!  BUT, since it’s Nation’s beloved uhm-chin-ah LEE SEUNGGI, people can accept it and know that it was all an innocent mistake!  We’re almost at the half-mark of Gu Family Book… so Yay, Kangchi knows Dam-goon is actually a girl named Yeowool!  Hope we get LOTS LOTS LOTS more of Kangchi-Yeowool!  Although, looking back, they had lots of skinship from the start.  After seeing that Writer Kang and PD Shin were willing to go THERE, with how Kangchi discovered Dam-goon was actually a girl(!)….  I’m totally anticipating our beloved couple’s first kiss, and hopefully more after that!

VIDEO – Kangchi remembers the name Yeowool from when they were kids!

(videos: MBC drama)

VIDEO – Kangchi saves Yeowool’s life.  I love these bright blue dots!

More stills~~~~

Kangchi and Yeowool.  Now compared to early on….

Kangchi and Dam-goon~~~  before he knew Dam-goon was actually a she!

Just being boys?!?!  puhahahaha.

Like I said, they had great skinship from the start~~~~

Except that Kangchi, in a daze, thought he was holding Chungjo.

Behind the Scenes~~~  Nice.

Seunggi and Suzy on set, off-camera………….

Images: MBC, As labeled, Naver

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