[ENG] Gu Family Book: Ep 11 preview

(videos: Lee Seung Gi Korea – World Airen)

The relationship between Kangchi and Yeowool is so much more real and soul-mate like than Kangchi and Chungjo.  Kangchi just doesn’t know it yet.  Plus, he’s kinda preoccupied trying to help the Park Family and clear Lord Park’s name.

RECAP — Dramabeans: Gu Family Book, Ep 10

I get Kangchi’s complete loyalty to the Park Family, especially from a Korean culture perspective.  Particularly, considering his deep respect for both Lord Park (who cared for Kangchi like a son) and Lady Park, whom he promised to watch over Taeso and Chungjo.  Plus, Taeso and Chungjo have been good to Kangchi while growing up….  Lots of sadness to come for both Kangchi and Yeowool.  But especially for Kangchi, who’ll be torn between the Park Family on one side and Yeowool on the other.

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