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Seunggi shows gratitude for Gu Family Book, prepares Pizza Hut meal, enjoys with Yoo Yeonsuk, Lee Yubi, Gang leader

* Updated with Pizza Hut facebook message and photos. Aw~ “Seunggi-nim~~” *

Lee Seunggi’s 150 person big pizza present.
“Pizza in hanboks? Feels like a time-slip”

English: LSGfan via Newsen/Nate

Lee Seunggi prepared a big pizza meal present for 150 people from MBC Monday-Tuesday drama “Gu Family Book,” including the staff and fellow actors.

On May 11, on  the set of “Gu Family Book,” Lee Seunggi shared his appreciation for the staff and fellow actors who had been filming continually all-night and suffering from early-season heat, by preparing cheese box pizzas from Pizza Hut, which he has been active as the exclusive endorsement model.

In particular, since the actors had a busy filming schedule, they ate the pizzas in their drama costumes, showing a time-slip feel and a very different colored scene.

According to a staff member on set, “There are many times when we’re unable to eat when filming gets longer, but we were able to enjoy a good meal because of the prepared pizza.”  He added with appreciation, “Lee Seunggi even thought to take care of all the staff that were not filming together with him, very characteristic of the heart of Choi Kang Chi.”

Lee Seunggi said,”I’m happy since I feel like we are receiving a lot of love, equivalent to all the hardship the staff and my fellow actors are going through on set,” adding, “This was prepared for them out of a grateful heart and I feel even more strengthened seeing them enjoy their pizza.”

Playing the role of part-human, part-beast Choi Kangchi in MBC Monday-Tuesday drama “Gu Family Book,” Lee Seunggi continues to show matured acting and the drama has ranked number one in tv ratings in its time slot.

Tweets and photos from Korea Pizza Hut~~~~~

About Seunggi and the staff event~~~

Check out the 5 photos on Facebook’s [I’ll take care of my family! Lee Seunggi’s big pizza present]~ keke http://fb.me/IUsriNzw


I’m here on the filming set of “Gu Family Book”~!  Seunggi-nim is standing right in front of me. Omg. (What should I say, the feeling as if I’ve transformed into some funny looking squid?)  For the staff who have been going through a lot of hardships and dealing with the hot weather, Seunggi-nim treated everyone to Pizza Hut cheese boxes.  hehe.  To the staff, please continue to give us an awesome project~!  So, all you Pizza Hut fans, what drama are you watching these days?

English: LSGfan via Korea Pizza Hut facebook

Really love Kangchi’s relationship with that gang leader, especially after the BTS videos!  I hope he becomes a good guy.

 photo _1_1111111.gif

And Yoo Yeonsuk and Lee Yubi have been great too, in the BTS with Seunggi!  They’ve all been killing their roles and making their characters shine and be noticed, whether as good or evil characters.  They’ve had great chemistry with Seunggi too.

Nice to see these actors together like this!

Seunggi always has such empathy and care toward the people he works with and is close with, so I’m glad he’s been able to use his 4-year Pizza Hut endorsement contract for good toward others too.  This is why endorsements are important… in the hands of people like Seunggi, they can be used for lots of good purposes~~~!!

Images: Newsen, TV Daily, As labeled,  MBC

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