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[ENG] Gu Family Book: Ep 7 preview

(video: Lee Seung Gi Korea – World Airen)

RECAP — Dramabeans: Gu Family Book, Ep 6

Chungjo tied to a tree?! Kangchi will definitely go and save her?!  If Kangchi loves Chungjo so much, how is he going to fall for Yeowool.  (who he thinks is a boy?!)  Sadly, the only way would be for Chungjo to totally reject him later on or for her to disappear altogether?  That’s too sad to think about.   Even if we’re going to get some redux of Kangchi’s parents, Chungjo-Kangchi are totally different since they grew up together for 20 years.  I really hope she doesn’t turn on him.  Also, I think Kangchi’s situation will be a bit different since, unlike his dad, he’s still half-human.

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