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Gu Family Book Ep 5: Seunggi’s sad tears make me cry [Gifs]

Kangchi~ you’re breaking me heart!  When Kangchi cries, I cry with him.  End of Ep 5~ huhuhu.  Lord Park, so noble and beloved, loved Kangchi like his own son all the way until the end…  So not fair.  I hate Gwanwoong!  Dang, Seunggi really killed it in the crying scene at the end.  I really love the scenes with Seunggi and the older veteran actors.  Please Episode 6, please don’t make break my heart in half… huhuhu.

Lord Park………………..huhuhu.
Gosh, I love this actor.  He’s done a lot of sageuk and deserves way more recognition!
Writer Kang sucks for sending him off so early.
Wanted more scenes of Lord Park and Kangchi, whom he loved like his own son!

Gumiho side of Kangchi is about to be released~~~!!!
But I like how Kangchi, part gumiho, still gives off gentle human side….

I really hate Gwanwoong!!!!  And he’s going to make Kangchi’s life miserable!
huhuhu. More tears to come…………

Kangchi (Seunggi) making me cry at the end of Ep5:
Tryp96 — 13.04.22 Gu Family Book Ep 5 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

So sad and heartbreaking….

Images: DCLSG, As labeled, Soompi

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2 Responses

  1. I share your sentiments. I was crying when I saw Kang Chi’s handsome yet sad face. Seung Gi’s acting is daebak. kang Chi really looks very good n endearing with those tears hanging on his eyes. I think he looks so HOT with the green eyes. Choi Kang Chi is the cutest n more dashing gumiho ever…I love his cute dimple showing even when his burning with hatred for the stupid evil guy! Simply love Choi Kang Chi!!!

  2. Seunggi’s acting was the BEST!!!! He was sooooooooo GOOD!!! You can feel his pain and can’t help but get affected by it. GFB is getting better and better each episode. FIGHTING!!!

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