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Seunggi perfect in Heritory ‘William Shakespeare’ wine pink

Wahhh~~!!!  This William Shakespeare wine pink color with Seunggi’s killer smile is KILLING me~~~!!!!  I’m loving these smart, sophisticated names attached to the colors!   Why so cute AND hot in Heritory??!!!  Can we please see more of this in his regular real-life wear when he does interviews….. please!!!!  And can’t have a Seunggi pose without his classic finger in his ear pose….!!! hehe…….

Wae Wae Wae~~~???

Why you gotta be so cute?!  And brighten up our days like this??!!!

Also in “Sherlock Holmes” Cobalt blue…….

With Seunggi’s typical daebak expression!  And his little crocodile friend!

And in “Isaac Newton” green…..  These name associations! Love it.

So cute with bow-tie accessory and newsboy hat~~~!

Ha, JUST wearing Heritory will make you smarter and sophisticated!

I’m SO loving cool tone, wine pink Seunggi!

Please Cody, put him in some of these bright pinks for his other public stuffs!

Images: Heritory

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One Response

  1. Love the colours and the titles given to the colours giving them stories and makes them fun and cute~

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