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Seunggi (and Kangchi) in Winston Brown for Heritory

Yay, Heritory website is updated with the spring/summer Ink Pique shirts!  Love it!  Hope we see Kangchi in some different, brighter color outfits in upcoming Gu Family Book episodes.  Let’s put him in some Heritory…  this is fantasy fusion sageuk, so anything can happen!  More importantly, how about Heritory hair on Kangchi!  Oh, Seunggi’s hairstyle drama… even shows up in his dramas through Kangchi!  Wahh, really love Kangchi~~!!  And Seunggi too precious in Heritory…….!!!!!

Really LOVE Heritory’s awesome spring/summer Ink Pique Shirt ad concept!

Images: Heritory, Naver

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  1. cutessss….:D

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