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Seunggi “all at once” for Perioe Total 7 toothpaste CF

Worrying about tartar, then gums are a concern...
Worrying about gums, then whitening is a concern… Whoa.
Clean away all your oral worries all at once.
Visible symptoms, even hidden problems.
[Perioe Total 7]. Since it’s 7, all at once.

English: LSGfan, video: seunggiairen

They made him stand like the number 7?!?!  Omg, what is that seven hand signal at the end when he says “all at once”?!  hehe.  Cute.  Gosh, can’t believe it’s Seunggi’s 4th year as endorsement model for Perioe!  That’s like a lifetime!  Whoa.  Reminds me, I need to see the dentist, get my teeth all healthy and pearly white like Seunggi.

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One Response

  1. totally random, but don’t know why when i see ‘seven hand signal at the end when he says “all at once” it remind me about Miho when she make plan to life with Dae Woong in ep 12 lol

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