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Gu Family Book: Seunggi fights for the townspeople [Stills]

Aw, Kangchi as hero to the townspeople, fighting on behalf of the less fortunate and down-trodden is seriously breaking my heart!  And the chants of~~ Choi Kang Chi!  So heartwarming.  Can’t think of a more perfect person to be playing this role!

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Dramabeans: Gu Family Book, Ep 3 Recap

I totally get why Writer Kang wrote the Kangchi character with Seunggi in mind!  Gu Family Book works in as much as we are able to get behind Kangchi and root for him, and there has to be some degree of star personality to get us on board early, and Seunggi’s real-life top favorable image lends itself seamlessly to the character of Kangchi so we’re able to buy-in early on.

And he’s also hero to the 100 years Inn and the Park Family, even despite terrible evil Mrs. Park.  Kangchi doesn’t hold grudges against her, nor the guys who tried to beat him up on the orders of Mrs. Park.  Little details and affectations like Kangchi addressing the lead army guy as “Hyung-nim” and giving him ricecakes, even after the guy tried to beat him up, totally broke my heart.  And addressing the servant guy to Lord Park as “Father” and giving him wine from the townspeople…. wahhhhh.

Kangchi’s loyalty to and friendship with Taeseo and Chungjo and the Park Family makes me want to cry.  And when he asked evil Mrs. Park why she has never liked him and what can he do to change, I just wanted to hug Kangchi so much!

I’m SO behind our good-hearted and loyal hero, Kangchi, I’m going to cry buckets when evil Gwanwoong starts his attack on Kangchi and the Park Family.  I hope Taeseo and Chungjo support him and don’t turn on him.  And Yeowool~~~ I’m counting on you girl, to take care of our Kangchi!

It is IMPOSSIBLE not to fall for the charms of Kangchi (and Seunggi!)~~~

Images: MBC

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5 Responses

  1. Aww Kang Chi. This is seriously going to break my heart when he’s inevitably hurt by everyone. Please be nice to the cute gumiohos show!

  2. The town people’s cries of “Choi Kang Chi” can easily be replaced by “Lee Seunggi”.
    Kang Chi is such a sweet heart, just like Seunggi!

  3. Aw, I totally agree. My heart was breaking when Kang Chi asked the evil mrs Choi why she never liked him. Btw, Kang Chi looked so handsome during that scene I fell helplessly in love with him. How can anyone not like this kind, righteous, vivacious n charming guy? Hmmm, Choi Kang Chi character can only be played by Lee Seung Gi as no other actors can portray such qualities with genuine sincerity! Choi Kang Chi fighting!!!

  4. I just watched episode four and really enjoyed it, much more than I expected. Loved every scene that LSG appeared in, he really is at his charming best in this drama.

  5. I’ve re-watched eps 3 and 4 SOOOOO many times, especially Kangchi parts. the choi kang chi chant scenes made me smile like crazy! but i’m really engrossed in the whole story and the pacing from scene to scene is really great. I love Lord Park so much and he loves Kangchi… I’m not sure if I can survive the next episode without breaking down…..!!!! can’t wait till monday!

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