[ENG] Gu Family Book: Ep 4 preview

(video: Lee Seung Gi Korea – World Airen)

Wahhh~~~ I love seeing Seunggi raise his voice and yell at bad guys, especially in the name of social justice!  So hot.  And woah….. Kangchi and Yeowool already tugging at my heartstrings for them, and Baek Ji Young’s lovely and haunting voice singing the couple’s OST theme song in the background gives me goosebumps…

Part of this stems from a person’s real-life persona of favorability and trust reflected in the character that helps viewers connect with and root for the characters early on.  Kangchi’s character and story is effective only to the extent he and the rest of the cast, Writer Kang and Director Shin can convince viewers to experience his struggles and root for him.

The best dramas are all about teamwork and letting each and every actor, actress shine in their part.  And Seunggi is adept in that department.  He also has a strong tendency to demonstrate peaked improvement with each filming (even singing and MCing too).  And same with Suzy, we can’t help but want to root for her.  Her youth and acting are fresh.   I’m really surprised that I’m already rooting for Kangchi and Yeowool so early on…

And that’s where Kangchi’s parents’ Wolyong and Seohwa’s story was necessary, had to be brief and move swiftly.  So effectively portrayed, their brief sorrowful love story set in fantasy… resulting in Kangchi being abandoned and alone as half beast-half human…. makes us want him to have the life and love his parents couldn’t.  And why he and Yeowool meeting in their special way with her rescuing him is even more poignant.

And I like the way Chungjo is being played.  You can tell she does like Kangchi and has special feelings for him, but she has to uphold the reputation of her family.

I absolutely love Mr. Park, the man who found Kangchi.  A very noble character thus far, and the actor is fantastic at making us believe in his trustworthiness.

But omg, Mrs Park, ackkkkkk~~~ Didn’t realize she’d be so evil!

Curious to see how Yoo Yeonsuk’s character develops.  And looking forward to seeing Seunggi, Sungjoon, and Suzy in the barn scene altogether.

And that crazy horrible villain… looking forward to the first showdown with Kangchi!

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