Gu Family Book: Seunggi-Suzy in moonlight embrace [Stills]

Yay~~~ Hope we get Kangchi-Yeowool’s first embrace earlier than later please!  I’m going to count on our Yeowool to stay by Kangchi’s side…. since no one else probably will.  huhu.  But, the two start out not so good – Yeowool whacks Kangchi on the head with a stick!  And round-house kicks him in the face when they’re in the barn!   Really hope all that Kangchi beating up doesn’t go too long!

But soon enough, they end up working together to fight off some bad guys.  And I guess all that fighting and near death experience can get you emotional, because Kangchi-Yeowool end up in a lovely moonlight embrace by the cherry blossom tree!

I guess all that physical fighting and a life-and-death situation can move your heart….

because afterward Kangchi and Yeowool end up like this…… Yaaaaayyyyy!

Such a different skin-ship compared to their (cute!) press conference attempt!

Seunggi-Suzy~~~~~  We’re rooting for you and Gu Family Book!

Images: MBC, As labeled

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One Response

  1. Aww I love these stills. So far this drama is soo pretty!

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