Gu Family Book: Lee Yubi cheek kisses Seunggi [Stills, Gifs]

Love this scene!  And the way Lee Yubi leans in…. for the kill!  hehe.  The falling cherry blossom petals and a moonlit evening are perfectly sweet and gets me all giddy~~!!

However, this may be the first drama where Seunggi won’t get one single passionate kiss scene!  So unfair for him!  So unfair for us!  Please Writer Kang, can you make this happen for Kangchi somehow??!!!!  Even Daewoong and Miho, playing younger characters, got a passionate kiss + skin-ship!

So many questions~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Why does Kangchi count to three?

Why is Kangchi holding an apple?

Why does Chungjo have her eyes open here?!

She knows she has Kangchi wrapped around her finger?!  uh-oh.

Why is Kangchi on his knees? Or were they already sitting on the ground?

What does Chungjo say to Kangchi????  Oh nos…. poor Kangchi.

Score~~~~~ for Kangchi!!!  hehehe.

Uh-oh….. Chungjo’s mom does not look happy???!!!

Was she mean to Kangchi after Park brought him home after finding by the river?

Behind-the-scenes….  so cute!

From the Section TV cut…. on the set of Kangchi-Chungjo’s kiss…. and NGSs.

BTS stills~~~~~


I really can’t wait to meet/see Seunggi as Kangchi~~~~

Images: MBC, As labeled

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One Response

  1. The last picture is seriously sexy!
    Since we are barely into Ep. 3 and we have hugs and fleeting kisses already, better things surely will come, no?
    Just please don’t torture Kang Chi too much, please!

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