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Seunggi talks what to expect for upcoming Gu Family Book

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All I can say is Suzy is a very very lucky girl to have someone so professional, mature, and generous like Seunggi as an acting partner for her first lead role…  especially at 7 years younger, and Seunggi having worked with actresses who are similar age or older, who were able to talk about the project and the acting craft with some depth…

[April 15, 2013] According to Samhwa Networks, on April 8, Lee Seunggi, Director Shin Woochul, Suzy, and the production crew watched the first episode of Gu Family Book together.  After watching episodes 1 and 2, Lee Seunggi said, “After watching episodes 1 and 2, I was so moved that it’s difficult to express how I feel in words.  It really felt as if I were watching a movie.”

Lee Seunggi said, “While fully matching Writer Kang Eunkyung’s script, I will be faithful to the directing provided by Director Shin Woochul on set,” adding “After watching episodes 1 and 2, my deep respect for [Director Shin and Writer Kang] grew exponentially.”

He stated,”With the first two episodes receiving a warm response, the atmosphere on the filming set has also been fun and enjoyable.  Suzy and I discuss things a lot, and share our opinions about our roles.  Even though this is the first time we are working together, I feel like the chemistry with Suzy is well-matched.”

He continued, “If I can work hard and give my best, I believe this project can come out as one of the best.”

Lee Seunggi said, “Lee Yeonhee and Choi Jinhyuk meet and episodes 1 and 2 are meant to tell the narrative core of how Choi Kangchi comes to life, therefore things were intense and moved swiftly.  However, the Choi Kangchi and Dam Yeowool story that Suzy and I are creating together develops over 22 episodes, therefore, the chemistry and relationship is more lengthy.  With unexpected twists and reversals one could never imagine, a compelling and absorbing story will be told, so it would be great if people can leisurely enjoy watching.”

Production director Park Taeyoung said, “Lee Seunggi practiced sageuk tone and attended action school and went all-in to become Choi Kangchi,” adding “We believe all the hard work Lee Seunggi has poured into transforming into Gu Family Book’s Choi Kangchi will completely shine.”

English: LSGfan via Nate

Seriously……. it is freaking impossible not to respect Seunggi.  So no one better mess with him!  Or else I’m gonna be super pissed!

Showing respect for the other cast members, his actress partner, and the director and writer!  Seunggi, we’re rooting for you!  Gu Family Book~~~ Daebak!

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3 Responses

  1. I don’t think this is Suzy’s first lead role(I think she was lead in Dream High) but she sure is lucky to have someone like Seunggi in her first sageuk. I’m seriously respecting this guy more and more everyday. I’m loving Shin PD so far. His directing is daebak and it really is like watching a movie. I’m hoping writer kang writes some amazing characters like king 2 hearts and hopefully no more clueless and dumb seohwa like characters. Hwaiting Gu Family Book!!!

    • dream high she was part of an ensemble cast, not sure I would count that as an actual lead such as this. I also think that role itself was nothing compared to this role. I hope for Seung Gi she can pull it off

  2. So hard not to love this guy to pieces.. I hope those around him feel his hard work and passion, and can adopt his ethics, and take this as seriously as he does.

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