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Seunggi – Suzy prep for first scenes with Director Shin [Stills]

Seunggi and Suzy practicing their lines on set with Director Shin.  I really want to hug these two for working their butts off and promoting the drama with so much love.  All Seunggi and Suzy fans, and fans of Gu Family Book and all the cast members…

We’re off to a great start with Episodes 1 and 2, so let’s all continue to show mad love for Gu Family Book and all the actors giving their all into this project!

I have faith in Director Shin and Writer Kang to continue their awesome visual story telling, from the wonderful but sorrowful fantasy world prologue of Kangchi’s parents to…  a bit more grounded and real, lighthearted but anguishing story of the legend of Kangchi phase, which will eventually connect all the dots and characters…

and probably break our hearts along the way.  huhu.

Really adore Director Shin.  He’s been showing lots of love!

Images: My Daily

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