Gu Family Book: Seunggi falls into Lee Yubi’s house [Stills]

This scene must be related to Rooftop Seunggi with first love scene since Lee Yubi is wearing the same hanbok.  Is this how Kangchi makes his entrance in Ep. 3?  Trying to win over his first love, Chungjo?!  Maybe he and Yeowool get to meet first?  I really hope they don’t make Chungjo some one-dimensional manipulative first love…..

I hope Kangchi and Yeowool get to wear traditional regal hanboks too….

I know Seunggi and Suzy (especially, playing tomboy-ish) are being outfitted for their parts, but less chummy posters and at least ONE lovey-dovey pose wouldn’t kill ya!

Gosh, the lighting and color tones are just so luscious!

Aw Kangchi~~~ hope you’re taking care of your body doing all these scenes…

Images: MBC

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