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Gu Family Book: Lee Yeon Hee gives birth to Kangchi [Stills]

There better be a darned good reason why Seohwa abandoned her son, Kangchi!  And the only acceptable reason~~  Someone killed her.  Or someone threatened to kill Kangchi if she didn’t do as commanded…. in which case, she may still be alive.  I seriously hope she didn’t kill herself while baby Kangchi was left to fend for himself… that would make me really hate Kangchi’s mom.  Why do I sense I’m gonna cry a river for Kangchi and the hardships he’ll have to endure… huhuhu.

 photo 201303-023990-8.jpg

 photo 201303-023990-8.jpg

Aw Kangchi~~~~

I hope there’s an acceptable reason why you were abandoned…..

Or else…….

this is what I’m gonna want to do…………!!!!!!

And so happy Lee Yeonhee’s acting as Seohwa was well-received.  She’s been so heavily criticized in the past, so it’s great to see her improved acting be recognized!

Images: MBC, Naver

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One Response

  1. An,
    I think because Seohwa want him to be raise as a normal kid among normal people, which she absolutely couldnt do it……
    Remember that some people risked their live to fake her death right ? I remember 3 skdier, 1 wingman, Dam sheriff and the monk.
    And Sojung the monk, will be watch over him…..
    That’s why he told Lord Park about Fortune bringing baby….well, since he is a fortune baby, I bet he will be brought up with care and let him do whatever he wanna do right?Who will abuse a fortune baby ?
    Since he appear a little holigan and always messimg around with his wide smile…..that’s not a deppressing sad kid there but a happy go lucky naughty Kangchi…
    Just a thought …..

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