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Gu Family Book: Jung HyeYoung as Head Gisaeng [Stills]

Jung Hyeyoung’s Gisaeng/Courtesan character, Chun Sooryun, is SO hardcore!  She took Seohwa in only after someone asked her to, which, I’m assuming was Dam Pyongjoon (who decided to go against villain Gwanwoong’s orders).   Wondering if Sooryun and Pyongjoon have a relationship or past.  Or maybe she empathized with Seohwa because it reminded her of her past?   Why else would she risk being caught by crazy villain Jo Gwanwoong.  Hope she turns out to be a good person.   Curious what role she’ll play, if any, later when Kangchi grows up…..

Jung Hyeyoung was stunning in this opening scene~~~~

And the cinematography and lighting was perfect!

Images: MBC, Naver

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