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Gu Family Book: Ep 1 & Ep 2 preview + Full ep links [ENG]

Ep 1 preview [ENG] Kangchi’s parents, Wolyong – Seohwa meet; will eventually pass their fate to Kangchi.  Will Yeowul be the only one who believes in him…? huhu.

(videos: Lee Seung Gi Korea – World Airen)

Ep 2 preview [ENG] Kangchi’s parents’ doomed love gives way to the birth of Choi Kangchi…  who is left abandoned by the river.  Hopefully Kangchi inherited WAY more of his father’s selflessness (despite being a beast), and FREAKING NONE of his mother’s selfishness (which I’m trying super hard to blame on human nature?!)…

Watch full episodes [ENG] on Hulu, MBC America:

Hulu – Gu Family Book, Ep 1

Hulu – Gu Family Book, Ep 2

Caught up on the episodes…….  Woah, after all that heaviness…
I’m seriously ready to transition into some more lighthearted storytelling please~~~

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