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[ENG] Section TV 13.04.07 – Seunggi & Lee Yubi cheek kiss NGs + Gu Family Book press con interview

(video: Lee Seung Gi Korea – World Airen)

Seunggi – Suzy were SO~~~ Homecoming/Prom King and Queen!  Loved it!

I liked that they chose not to wear costumes to the press conference!

Looked great in simple black and white!  (wish Suzy went with more classic shoes).

Can’t wait to see more from the rest of the cast in the coming eps.

Each and every one of them seem to have something unique and special to bring.

Images: MBC

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One Response

  1. hi anne! suzy and seunggi are so cute!
    and suzy so cute!! if i were her i would do the same! putting my two hands at seunggi’s elbow! enjoying every moment of it. ^^

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