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Seunggi whispers to Suzy and camera shutters go nuts~~!!! Gu Family Book press conference [Fancam]

Aww @1:33~~ Suzy feels comfy to ask Seunggi questions in public!!
LOLs @1:37~~Press cam shutters go nuts at Seunggi whispering to Suzy!
Hehe @1:45~ Suzy’s in-deep-thought reaction to what Seunggi said is priceless~~!!!

(video: Re9410; As labeled)

Seunggi is seriously the most effin SWEETEST guy ever!!! Suzy SO super lucky to be working with sunbae Seunggi because he’s SO generous and considerate with his female acting partners.  Since he has a younger sister, he knows how to be a great oppa! Wahhh~~~ I’m super jealous of Suzy!  I totally don’t see the 7-year age gap!  Seunggi  looks younger and Suzy looks more mature than their ages so they’re like totally PERFECT for the drama!  hehe.  Kangchi-Yeowul~~!!!  She’s definitely going to learn LOTS from him… in acting and just person-wise!

Like Seunggi said…

Ha Jiwon was older, Han Hyojoo was your peer.  It seems that you haven’t really worked with younger friends.  Did you match well with your actress partners?  Through ’The King 2 Hearts,’ I most recently acted with the top leading actress in our country, Ha Jiwon.  Ha Jiwon is the type of actress that makes her partnering actors feel at ease.  Therefore, when I acted with her, I was able to lean on the stability and confidence she provided.  Actually, I want to become that kind of actor.  I can’t always act by leaning on others.  I want to be an actor that provides that same time of confidence and ease that came from my sunbaes, to those younger than me or hoobae actors when acting together.  Also, I want to be a strong, steady sunbae to them.  I think the turning point to provide that kind of sense is now.

Excerpt from [Star1 Jan.2013] The Possibilities for Lee Seunggi ②

Suzy SUCH a lucky girl~~~!!!! Can’t wait to see more of them together!

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One Response

  1. I am dying to know more about that little Q&A between Seung Gi & Suzy. You are right. Her expression when trying to figure out what he said was priceless! And that just makes me more curious. Since when has Seung Gi become so profound? Hahaha.
    By the way I simply adore this couple and feel they have great chemistry.

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