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Snapshots of Seunggi from Japan [Pacifico Yokohama]

 photo 201303-023990-23.jpg

I wanna hug SEUNGGI~~~ Still can’t get over this photo that Hook tweeted  ♥ ♥ ♥

Did Hook finally learn how to use a camera??!!! LOLs.
And EVERYONE (including non-fans!) loved this look/style!  WHY………?
Because we love hot picture of our stars! Especially Seunggi, because he is WAY more deserving than what Hook puts out!  So Hook, please…. for the love of Seunggi~~~~~~~~ No more of your ridiculous ajushhi crap concepts (cool ajusshi = good; frumpy ajusshi = bad!), especially with the fresh feel of Gu Family Book press conference coming up!  Just take a cue from Seunggi’s Japan management, Amuse!

THIS is a modern YT channel…. youtube.com/user/LeeSeungGiOfficialJP

(video: LeeSeungGiOfficialJP)

NOT something you scratch together called “seunggitown” *omg sigh*

I hope THIS Seunggi from his recent fan meeting in Japan…………
shows up in the press this week!

 photo 201303-023990-23.jpg

 photo 201303-023990-23.jpg

 photo 201303-023990-23.jpg

 photo 201303-023990-8.jpg

 photo 201303-023990-23.jpg

 photo 201303-023990-23.jpg

Images: Frau International, Hook Entertainment, Naver

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6 Responses

  1. His Japanese team is really good. Fans loved the pictures behind the scenes looking naturally adorable. Hook should do things like that more often, especially since we don’t get to see him as much anymore! Hook is seriously a mess sometimes. I laughed when I saw they still had a freaking egg as a twitter icon…

    • puahahahahah~~~!!!!
      “mess” and “still had a freaking egg”~~~ LOL
      so sad and funny at the same time!

  2. Can I just say that that hairstyle is so K-pop…and that’s not a bad thing! It actually looks good on him! Good on the stylists for being a little more…creative. ;)

  3. Love the hair!! Love the adorable face!!! Love everything!!! :)

  4. dear Ann, do you know how much weight he lose for the couple months? I know its all for his role in the new drama, but really what a professional actor … ♥

    Also, he seems doesn’t age at all, why he looks younger ke-ke, ah maybe because the hairstyle too.

    Wish him a very good luck and healthy always.

    • he lost equivalent of 13-15 pounds? I read he said like 6.6 kilograms?

      And it makes ALL the difference! Daebak reaction to Seunggi’s press con photos… from EVERYONE! That’s what slimming down, dressed in a fitted suit, and great hair does~~ Seunggi has all the other talented traits to go with it so hopefully clueless Hook and his stupid Cody finally learned something!

      His job is an actor which means you have to be slim b/c the camera adds like 5-10 pounds. Fans say~~ i love or miss his chubby cheeks… oh nos! Fans will love whatever he does/wears bad hair, terror fashion and all! LOLs. But to the regular person, as a celeb, the look and fashion is super important! Sorry, but that’s life and that’s the truth!

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