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Gu Family Book: Rooftop Seunggi + “First Love” [Stills, Gifs]

 photo 201303-023990-8.jpg

Um, I think I’m gonna really despise this “first love” Park Chung Jo character….
Please let her not be too manipulative to our Kangchi!  Aw Kangchi, be strong~~!!

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Oh man, why do I have a feeling Chungjo’s mom is just as manipulative…. huhuhu.

 photo 2013032100_1.jpg

Lee Yubi (23) is giving me a little bit of Shin Mina vibe.  Haven’t seen her act so I have no idea what to expect, but saw that she’s gotten pretty good reviews for her acting thus far.  But why does she look so freaking frightened in the still?!?!?!

Wahhhhhh~~~~ Seunggi’s expressions SO daebak here!
Please let this make the final cut!  I need to see this in action!

 photo 201303-023990-8.jpg

 photo 201303-023990-8.jpg

 photo 201303-023990-8.jpg

 photo 201303-023990-8.jpg

 photo 201303-023990-8.jpg

 photo 201303-023990-8.jpg

Is there some rule that mandates middle part bangs/hair for sageuk drama?!?!?!
This is fusion, fantasy sageuk.  Please let Kangchi mature into his daddy’s hairstyle!

 photo 201303-023990-8.jpg

Totally can’t wait to see these scenes from the teaser!

Swift on his feet Kangchi~~~
So excited to see Seunggi take on such a different kind of genre/role!

 photo 201303-023990-8.jpg

Omg, seriously girl, I’m warning you…………..
Don’t make me hate you.  Don’t be too manipulating with our Kangchi!

 photo 201303-023990-8.jpg

Choi Kang Chi~~~~
Hope we get to hear this a lot!  ooohhhhh, nice roundhouse kick, Seunggi!

 photo 201303-023990-8.jpg

I’m getting some serious “Eunsung” vibes from Suzy….. good or bad? not sure.
but nice since Hwan-Eunsung are an epic couple with awesome banter….

 photo 201303-023990-8.jpg

Kangchi’s mom and Kangchi baby scenes are going to SO break my heart.
Lee Yeonhee was totally convincing and moving in the trailer….
Hope grown-up Kangchi and his mom get to meet in a dream sequence!

 photo 201303-023990-8.jpg

 photo 201303-023990-8.jpg

Images: As labled, DCLSG

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2 Responses

  1. Same here, I totally despised that girl in gumiho who played daewoong’s first love. Hopefully chung jo isn’t as bad or at least redeems herself big time.

  2. She gives me the Minah vibe too. That will make it hard to watch her manipulative tricks. I pray she is going to act ambiguously – that’s far more interesting than a flat out villain turn.
    I love everything I see of Suzy so far. Keep it up, girl. I have high hopes for you!

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