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[ENG] Gu Family Book Trailer #3: Choi Kang Chi~~~~!!!

Finally~~~ WAY better production editing and deserving trailer~~!!! oooh, SO exciting!

(video: Lee Seung Gi Korea – World Airen)

“Don’t let him live in sorrow and loneliness…” huhuhu

A mix of fusion fantasy sageuk, martial arts action, mystery, betrayal, humor, love and a part-human part beast HERO!  “Choi Kangchi~~!!!”  Will we be hearing that a lot?!?!?!

The drama feels so….. fresh and different than other dramas (and sagueks) we’ve seen!  And is this the first time a gumiho lore storyline has been played out through a part-human, part-beast MALE in drama or film?  If so, THAT’s super exciting too!

Aw, Yeowul cheek-poking, looking longingly at sleeping Kangchi… very sweet.

But that’s totally a dead ringer for Brilliant Legacy scene when a drunk Hwan shows up at Eunsung’s place, passes out and falls asleep while she looks over him trying to touch/trace his face!  Somewhere, HHJ is saying “that’s my signature move!”

I think similar scenes of Miho watching over a sleeping Daewoong in MGIAG too.

Plus that “bed scene?!?!” with Hangah looking at Jaeha as he sleeps in TK2H!  *sigh* production team should’ve really showed us so much more during that scene. hehe.

Drama partner watching Seunggi as he sleeps… with longing and affection(!)….
it’s like a requirement for all his dramas.

Love the goodies being released from the production team!  It’s clearly obvious Seunggi’s busting his ass for the drama, tackling new material and taking his work super seriously.  Really love that about him!

Can’t believe the drama will premiere in 2 weeks.  I’m SOOOOO excited~~~~!!!

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5 Responses

  1. Hi Ann, just want to share this with you. I made it yesterday. Hehe. ^^

  2. Lol just goes to show that all korean dramas share the same cliche’d yet still insanely addicting scenarios. I’m really hoping GFB succeeds, I’m hoping it does better ratings-wise thank K2H (I meant ratings-wise, in a purely numeric-sort of sense).

  3. I really like how they improved the last scene of Seunggi and Suzy. It’s muuuuch less cheesy and more awesome looking. So excited for this drama. Obviously everyone wants to stare longingly at Seunggi as he sleeps~

  4. Exciting~~~~~~~~~

  5. Gu Family Book fighting!
    Choi Kang Chi – Dam Yeo Wool FIGHTING!!!!!
    PD Shin and Writer Kang fighting!!!
    Entire supporting cast and production team crew too!

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