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Women of all ages love “Heodang” Seunggi! + Rainbow’s Jaekyung so pretty & smart! –> “He is my ideal type” [video]

2013.03.23. KBS Saturday Morning Talk Show

[KBS Broadcasting Research Survey] We surveyed 23,532 male, females in their teens through 50s, and the top candidates out of 10 for #1 Best Variety Character are~~~ Lee Seunggi – Heodang. His handsome looks and his unexpected lacking but sincere ways. His “Heodang” character shown on 1N2D receives a lot of love from everyone…

So the #1 Best Variety Character between these two?

MC1: The nominees for #1 are expert Kim Byungman and heodang Lee Seunggi. What are the charms of these 2 characters?

MC2: They’re complete opposites. Lee Seunggi is tall and handsome, but he’s heodang. And can’t do things. (LOL. he can do SOME things, ya know!) Kim Byungman is tiny but he’s expert at things. (hehe, so true!) I’m really curious to see who’ll be #1.
MC3: Unexpected traits can make for a successful character.
MC4: Lee Seunggi has sincerity, great aura, a kindness core.  These make up his character.

MC3: This appeals to women, right?
Actress: In the case of “our” Seunggi… (hehe) Noona has to look out for him.

MC3: Jaekyung, do you feel that way too?
JK: Yes. Lee Seunggi sunbaenim is my ideal type. (not only pretty, but smart too! She said LSG was her ideal type 2 yrs ago… still now?  Love ya Girl!)

MC3: For women, he’s the frontrunner.
MC1: That’s a given, of course. (LOLs. Female MC so serious!)

English: LSGfan, Video: seungsun love

Forgot the actress name.  She’s Euro-Asian… very stunning features.  She was on Strong Heart during the golden days of MCs Hodong-Seunggi.  She announced her marriage on the show, I think.  She’s always shown lots of love for LSG, including the “very nice!” gift money he sent for her wedding!

And I know absolutely nothing about girlgroup Rainbow except they generated lots of buzz years ago because the members were so pretty, particularly Jaekyung.  Funny thing~~ Kim Taewoo is sitting next to her here… and about 2 years, they were doing a quiz game on variety show and the clue Jaekyung gave Taewoo was “my ideal type” – answer: Lee Seunggi!  (that’s why Taewoo’s nodding!)

Yup, confident, nice, pretty girls, including top model Hye Park…. We ultimately want to marry guys like Seunggi – sincere, sweet, smart, funny, successful…  and handsome in their own non-girly-non-flowerboy-part-puppy-part-manly way! (minus the constant inexplicable hair/fashion!?! hehe).

Korea misses seeing beloved Seunggi regularly on variety!  It’s like 1N2D never ended, since re-runs of the golden days show regularly on KBS cable channels!  All those places the 1N2D guys visited and made famous are still talked about now… A~mazing!

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  1. Thanks for the translation Ann! I was wondering what they were talking about!!! Can always count on you! Thanks again.

  2. Thanks for the translation as always. I miss him on variety too! It’s pretty amazing he’s made such an impression at such a young age on the variety world.

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