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Gu Family Book: Respected actors Jo SungHa, Lee SungJae, Jung HyeYoung + 1N2D Seunggi with sunbaes

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[VIDEO] 1N2D-Supporting Actor Special – Sleep Bokbulbok!
(Everyone’s fighting to stay in, talking about who they should throw out!)

JoSungAh: Let’s go with Seunggi… Seunggi…
(LSG’s like no way as all the hyungs gang up to push him out! puahaha!)
Hodong: That’s a warning Ahn GilKang!

Lee Sung Jae (42) as Cho Kwan Woong.   A respected film and tv actor, currently starring in MBC sitcom Rascal Sons as nice dentist!  (which includes a character named Seunggi!?!)  But I think his character in Gu Family Book will be villain, making Kanchi’s life miserable?  Hope we get great scenes between Kwanwoong and Kangchi!  (Jaeha and Bongku showdowns in TK2H were seriously daebak!)

Jung Hye Young (40) as Chun Soo Ryun.  Together with husband Sean and all their cute kids, beloved for all their charity giving and work.  They’re both with YG Ent.  I forget they represent actors too.  She was last in Playful Kiss and Return of Iljimae, so it’s her return to drama after a while.  I hope she’s still around later and we get scenes with her and Kangchi too!  They both participated in the 2010 Letter from Angels.

She’s also the CF model for Chung Jung Won, which Seunggi endorsed for 2 years.  Who can forget his “nude” Chung Jung Won CF!  hehe.  They still pass out stuffs from Seunggi’s CF days at their events, which is kinda sweet.  (I like how most of his CF contracts, when he parts ways with them, female models are typically used afterward!)

 photo 2013032100_9.jpg

Jo Sung Ha (47) as Dam Pyong Joon.  The respected film and tv actor who skipped the Cannes Film Festival so he could participate in the 1N2D Actor Special!  I’m SO excited to see him and Seunggi in the same drama!  He’ll play Yeowul’s father, and I would be SO happy if he and Kangchi develop a special father-son like relationship!  Hope we get lots of scenes of them together!

Seunggi and Jo Sungha reunited in a drama together like this is SO special~~!!!
That 1N2d special was seriously epic!  2 years ago, talking about acting…

[VIDEO] ~ Jo Sungha compliments Actor Seunggi

Jongmin: What do sunbaenims think of Seunggi’s acting?

LSG: What are you saying?! [laughter!] Hyung, why all of a sudden are you throwing my name in?! He was just mentioning Kim Yoon Suk, Ha Jung Woo (reputable film actors). How can you throw in Lee Seung Gi next?! What’s wrong with you? You have to compare people on an equal playing field!

Jongmin: Since Seunggi is starting out… How did hyung see him?

JoSungAh: He’s good. He does a good job. I think the most important~ Doing a good job is important too, but is that person working really hard at that role or character? Can you see that role in the person? I think that’s more important. Since you have that aspect, it’s good to see.
(LSG is so moved by the compliment! Hahaha! Jongmin so excited!)

LSG: (gets on his knees in deference!) I will go toward films soon! No but really, acting wise I still have a long way to go.

Aw, really love Seunggi bromances!  I hope his first film debut will be a story centered on brotherhood or friendship with a bunch of guys or a father-son relationship!

Videos: Tryp96, English: LSGfan
Images: MBC, LSGfan

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4 Responses

  1. ahhh I really miss looking back all Seung Gi’s smiles and listen to his laughter back in 1N2D

  2. woot woot it’s makes me more curious with this drama!! they have the best actor-actress-PD-scriptwriter in there it’ll be so Jjang.. can’t wait to watch their premiere on 8th April.. Ppali~waaa ^^

  3. Kim Hee Jung has been announced as well, she will be his adoptive mom I guess, I looked her up and she was also in Famous Princess’s but I am not sure what part, or how much they did together.

  4. This is an extra ordinary films please keep it up

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