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Gu Family Book: Seunggi’s kick-ass moves [Stills + Gifs]

 photo 201303200100-1.jpg

OMG, Kangchi really making me spazz spazz spazz~~!!!  *fangirl mode*  Going to love this different side of Seunggi in drama.  Doing a good job with action scenes is one thing.  But good action and good acting at the same time is totally another thing!  And Seunggi (Choi Kangchi) already bringing it on his very first day of filming!  Showcasing an array of action moves of wrestling techniques and streetfighter kicks (omg, all the guys in my family would be so impressed! hehe)

News about Seunggi working his ass off and impressing with his skills~~!!!

Dramabeans: The action begins on Gu Family Book

Koalasplayground: Lee Seung Gi is in Fine Fighting Form for Gu Family Book

Enewsworld: Lee Seung Gi Shoots His First Action Scene for ′Gu Family Book′

Allkpop: Lee Seung Gi performs his first action scene for ‘Book of the House of Gu’

CouchKimchi: “Gu Family Book”: Lee Seung Gi’s Rough Day On The Set

Hancinema: Lee Seung-gi’s first action drama, “Gu Family Book”

The double headlock move~~~!!!
Kangchi’s got great form and technique!  Aw, and flashing his sweet smile while beating up some bad guys… all without breaking a sweat!  Making it look so easy!

 photo 201303200100-1.jpg

Leg headlock too~~~
more like body headlock with his legs!

 photo 201303200100-1.jpg

Kangchi is LITERALLY flying~~~
that’s some serious height on that jump!  Can’t get enough of that cute ponytail~~~!!!

 photo 201303200100-1.jpg

OMG, why is this SO freaking awesome and hilarious at the same time??!!!
Kangchi~~~ I just love calling out Kangchi when I see him doing action scenes~~!!!

 photo 201303200100-1.jpg

Kangchi getting all fancy, using the guy as his prop to high-kick it!  So cool.

 photo 201303200100-1.jpg

Kangchi is seriously NOT playing! He is ready to kick some butt!

 photo 201303200100-1.jpg

 photo 201303200100-1.jpg

Kick-ass King of Kicks Kangchi gifs from the first teasers~~~

Roundhouse kicks, high kicks!  Just in time to save the day!!

Omg, Seunggi’s hardcore expressions while kicking ass is freaking daebak~~~!!!!

We better get a lot of BTS videos and photos for Gu Family Book!

BTS gifs from Seunggi’s official first greeting video.

Nice~~~ light on his feet, moving like a marital arts fusion sageuk hero!

Hehe, but totally heodang when cameras stop rolling!
Aw, I really hope he takes good care of his health and body!

Pretty Seunggi~~~

Serious Seunggi~~~

Just plain awesome and lovable Seunggi~~~
Everyone’s rooting for you Kangchi!

Images: DCLSG, As labeled

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  1. loveeee his hair style!!! he’s sooooo handsome :) thanks for sharing this!!!

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