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Gu Family Book first teasers via Fan storyline + Gifs

puahahaha~~~!!!!  K-Airens always so HILarious, talented, jjang!!!  Just like LSG!  King of Kicks Kangchi~~~  can’t wait to see you kick some serious a$$ on Gu Family Book!

Kangchi’s parents~~~  ooohhh~~~ great set-up of their story!
Looking forward to it!  Has a real fantasy feel to it~~~
Kangchi’s dad is full-beast after all, and his mom is full-human!

And in fusion sageuk fantasy world…
Gumiho beast dad and human mom “love” and give birth to….
A part-beast, part-human baby Kangchi~~~!!!!
(I’m gonna cry when baby Kangchi gets sent down the river on his own. huhu)

I really pray they cut out the last part of the clip!  It was all perfect until…

the last shot of Kangchi-Yeowul posing like some superhero fighting justice thing!  Oh nos!  Please don’t go there like that.  It was sophisticated and slick until then.  Um, it was SO obvious the production team inserted in Kangchi and Yeowul’s scenes at the last minute!!!  Seunggi filmed his first scenes only like a week ago!  Let’s keep it fun and enjoyable, but mature and sophisticated!  Seunggi and the actors deserve that.

Please production team, just keep it cute and funny along the lines of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, which was fantasy but a solid story, acting, chemistry about growth, love, pain that people could all relate to even despite the magical fantasy context.  Like The King 2 Hearts… despite the totally out there premise, the good acting, chemistry, and high quality production gave the actors and fans total pride in the drama!

Putting faith in Writer Kang, PD Shin, and good acting and chemistry!

And pu-leeze~~~ give us a better ending teaser next week~~~!!!!

Teaser 1

Teaser 2

btw, too bad Kangchi never gets to meet his mom…
but don’t want to see Kanchi going all Oedipus complex on us~~~??!!??!!

 photo 201303200100-1.jpg

Videos: jaewja
Images: As labeled, DCLSG, Naver; English: LSGfan

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8 Responses

  1. I didn’t mind the end, seemed like kind of went nuts over the last part of that clip, though I find it a bit cheesy for my taste. Hopefully the scene is more humorous than serious. I’m also not all that convinced Suzy is a sword master. I guess we’ll see~ I think they will be a superhero team in a way for at least some of the episodes. Really interested in the backstory now though! I didn’t care much before the trailer since their story would just delay seeing Kangchi, but now I want to see it.

    • omg, I thought that last shot was SO cheesy. Hope that scene DOES NOT appear in the drama! Seunggi deserves better!

      Yup, totally looking forward to parents’ story. That’s the power of a great teaser. and why that ending shot was totally lame. Production team better give us a fresh new teaser with a better edited post-parents story set-up. But i’m super impressed with Seunggi’s action scenes. Wasn’t sure if he could pull it off, and like usual, he came through. I think he’ll have to work harder b/c he doesn’t get some sexy weapon to wield like the others. It’s all pure kicking and fighting! Bring it on!

  2. Hi Ann~~~
    i’m so curious about the guy in the first pic beside Kang Chi’s parent. he’s really look a like Ryu Seung Ryong, isn’t he? if he is really Ryu Seung Ryong…omg it will be daebak ^^
    anyway, just really2 can’t wait to watch this drama~~~
    Seunggi fighting!!! GFB fighting!!!

    • No, RSR isn’t in this drama. That’s Lee Sung Jae. He’s a respected drama and film actor, and he plays a bad guy. He’s currently in Rascal Sons in MBC.

      The older actors are great – Lee Sung Jae, Jo Sung Ha, Jung Hye Young. And Yoo Dong Guen as Lee Soon Shin (most memorable as the charismatic scary mob boss in East of Eden; Lee Yeon Hee played his daughter!)

      The supporting cast of young actors Yoon Yeon Suk and Lee Yoo Bi and Sung Joon are solid too!

      Very excited to see Kangchi with the other cast members~~~

      • ah..thanks for reply, because i’m so curious and really have no idea about Lee Sung Jae (never watch his drama before), but his pic is really look like RSY in the painter of the wind and Masquerade ^^
        but its ok…as long as Seunggi in there~~~definitely will watch :D

      • typo~~~i mean RSR kkkkk

  3. I really love reading all the comments you post with the pics etc… lots of chuckles when reading… Thanks.

    I am full of hope that this will be a great drama, my only concern is Suzy, and the whole idol thing.. I am not sure if I think this casting is good for LSG or not, so many mixed emotions, but hoping for the very best. And yes I hate the pose at the end of the trailer, we know its was all about getting her into the trailer, but geeez…

    Am I missing something? I have read every plot and character description and I felt this drama was going to have a more serious undertone, but I see so many comments and expectations of Comedy that I was not expecting.

    My main hope is that the excellent performance Seung Gi had with K2H
    is repeated here.

    • To be really honest, I don’t think it’s a secret that most people were surprised by Suzy’s casting. And because of the actresses Seeunggi worked with previously…

      Suzy’s definitely the IT girl in Korea, but it’s different to be popular as a kpop idol vs an actress. And Korean viewers for the most part (unlike international fans who love all things kpop, including idols acting in dramas) are adverse to idols in dramas, especially when the acting is not so great.

      I have mixed emotions about Suzy’s casting, but it gives me heartbreak when I think about it. So I try not to. Plus it’s not fair to Suzy. I’ve never seen her act. I’ve never really seen any of her interviews so I’m not sure what she’s like as a person or professional. Hopefully she knows it’s all about teamwork and working your ass off and showing a lot of respect to the other older members on set. And totally committing and being all-in for the drama, considering she is the female lead. All this is something Seunggi is well-renown for so hope to see this vibe throughout the filming.

      I could do without her selca tweets, but I know most fans love that kinda thing and that there are K-celebs of all ages that tweet regularly and selcas! Just not my thing, and I kinda really loved that about SMA and HJW, not all the excessive hype that wasn’t relevant to the drama. JYP is a smart PR machine and so hopefully Hook won’t just sit around idly doing nothing, like they usually do.

      But I like Suzy’s easy-going demeanor, and I like the way she showed some love for Seunggi when she was MCing the Seoul Music Awards. That totally won her points in my book. All she needs to do is work hard, show a lot of respect to her partner (Seunggi) and the older actors and crew on set, and people will love her and support her, especially Seunggi. It’s all about teamwork and chemistry and I’m looking forward to seeing her and Seunggi show this!

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