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Pony-tail hair, pretty Seunggi for Gu Family Book: First Stills

A real press image, cute captions and all, from the star section of Chosun Ilbo.  I’m loving it…  the captions!  As for the hair…. all I can say is…. Whew!  It’s always all about the hair with all things Seunggi!  Ha.  Would rather see side-part flat-iron wispy bangs thing… but I’m just happy my worst hairstyle fears did not come to fruition!  Love the modern warrior-ish fashion.  Those are some hot black boots and stylish layering of fabrics!  Most of all~~~ Seunggi looks so fresh and handsome!  Veering cute when smiling and expressive, but hot when all serious… hopefully, there will be equal amounts of hot and cute!  Can’t wait to meet actor Lee Seunggi again~~~!!!!

Enewsworld: Lee Seung Gi Shows Off his New Sageuk-Hairdo

Koalasplayground: Highly Anticipated First Look at Lee Seung Gi in Character

Dramabeans: Seung-gi vs. Yoochun vs. Hair (This post is totally relevant.)

Hancinema: Lee Seung-gi’s hair tied up
*um, please do your research. Gu Family Book is not about a medical novel! sheesh*

MNET Mwave: [TV] Lee Seung Gi Shows Off his New Sageuk-Hairdo

The tone of GFB looks fun, light-hearted, cute, but also a little sad and heartbreaking.  Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if Writer Kang goes a little mak-jang with the script… this is fantasy fusion sageuk after all!  Excited to see Seunggi taking on a new and different type of genre and character.  I want to be able to love and root for Kangchi from the very beginning, so Writer Kang, please don’t make him out to be a total jerk!

I’m seriously so anticipating seeing Seunggi act again!  He’s grown so much as an actor (of course, with still room to grow), especially through his last role as Lee Jaeha in The King 2 Hearts.  People appreciate good acting above all things, ya know!  I can’t wait to see him bring it as Kangchi.  Plus, he’s famous for having amazing chemistry with all his co-stars, always working to bring out the best in others, so I can’t wait to see him with the rest of the cast.  I especially hope we get to see lots of scenes with him and the awesome older male veteran actors.

So~~~ Acting is  a check!  Chemistry is a check!

PD Shin is a check!  Writer Kang is a check!

A mix of refreshing young cast members and top-notch veteran actors is a check!

And the fashion is looking hot and stylish!  So that’s a check!

The hair…..  well, pony-tail, pretty Kangchi is okay for now….  but….

Hope cute, baby-face Kangchi hair matures into hairstyle like his dad! Ha.

I’m so excited for the drama~~~~~!!!!!!

Seriously, who ISN’T anticipating Gu Family Book????!!!!  Can’t wait till April!!!

Images: DCLSG

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8 Responses

  1. April, please come faster. Can’t wait. :)

  2. Daebak transformation! :)

  3. Giddy with excitement! ♥

  4. “Would rather see side-part flat-iron wispy bangs thing…” – Couldn’t agree with u more Ann. While I think he looks really cute, I think it’s more his expression than hairstyle! But it’s better than I feared!

  5. Video Trailer:

  6. Drama trailer – VIDEO

  7. I like the ponytail and bangs as they are, but yeah side swept like daddy would probably look a little more grown up. Hair usually changes in dramas though, I’m fine with it if it doesn’t though. Everything looks really high quality though. MBC isn’t playing.

  8. He is looking very good. I have a feeling that his looks, expressions and hairstyle will change as the character grows. This must be the younger version. Love the trailer……gives the feel of a movie with some dramatic effects and beautiful handling of camera. Looking forward to it.

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