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Seunggi’s super sincere sweet message for Park Shinhye’s Philippines fan meet!

This is WHY Lee Seunggi is seriously the REAL effin deal!  LSG msg starts @1:13…

(video: cordanz dane)

His super sincere and sweet message for Shinhye and her fans was so freaking touching.  Practically made me cry~~!!!  So thoughtful.  Wahhh, Shinhye so lucky to have Seunggi as a friend!  And Shinhye… definitely the real-deal sincere 20s star female counterpart to our Seunggi!  Both of them so sincere and good actors, actresses!  Come on~~~ please give us a Seunggi-Shinhye project in the near future~~~!!!!!!

Aw, really love the fan love screams for Seunggi~~~ Awesome……..!!

So sweet how he refers to her as “our Shinhye-yang” when addressing the fans.

And so like Seunggi to praise the other person and mention all her talents and successes!  And remembering the little details like the recent box office success of the movie she was was in.  Aw~~~ seriously can’t help but to love him!

@2:24~ talking directly to her, saying “Shinhye-yah~~”  huhu.  So sweet.

Since a drama together is highly unlikely any time soon…

Can we at least see another Seunggi-Shinhye collaboration on the MC, variety, or music front???!!!!  Pretty please~~~!!!!

Image: Naver

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3 Responses

  1. Yes, I so agree with you.
    The reason why their admirers consistently keep growing and stay loyal to them is their “real deal sincerity “. They are just unbelievably likeable as people off the camera too. They retain their humility irrespective of their popularity and success.
    I really like his message covering the highlights of Shinhye’s successes in the past ten year in a way only a sincere and thoughtful friend can do.
    Shinhye also mentioned her desire to work with him in a drama. The possibility really is extremely non existent this year but I truly hope they can be in one next year. Meanwhile I too hope to see them in some other project………like they did last year

  2. She seems sweet. I haven’t watched many of her dramas, but now I need to, especially knowing what great friends she is with Seunggi. I do like Suzy, but would have loved to have Shinhye in GFB, but she took different drama… hopefully sometime in the future the timing will be right and they can finally do a drama together.

  3. This is my dream pairing. They are both brimming with talents and chemistry. PSH also chose Seunggi as one of the her three favorite partners. They have a lot in common-quality wise and I like their vibe together.

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