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Running Man Ep 121: Live-stream tweet recap [2012.11.25]

Better late than never…  Part 2 of the live-stream tweets during Running Man ep 121.   I’ve watched this 2-episode Running Man sooooooo many times.  One of the best eps ever!  Made me a total fan of Running Man.  Love the show!  Seunggi and Jaesuk, Seunggi and Gary, Seunggi and Haha, Seunggi and Jongkook~~~  Seunggi bromances are always the bestest!  But loved Seunggi and Shinhye as guests too!

And since Shinhye mentioned Seunggi at her fan meeting in the Philippines today~~  Her best partners: #3 Seunggi (Did MV and MC’d together).  She wants to work with him in a drama. (#2 Yonghwa, #1 Geunsuk).  Give us Seunggi and Shinhye in Kdrama together~~!!!!  Love Shinhye for always showing lotsa respect and love for Seunggi!!!

So, continuing from Running Man Ep 120: Live-stream tweet recap [2012.11.18]

RM Ep 121 video cuts – Tryp96 – 12.11.25 Running Man Ep 121 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

Yay~~~ Running Man part 2 with Seunggi starting now!!!
omg Seunggi is getting his hair done early in the morning!

Seunggi on his laptop and looking through a mag! Hehe

Ha, everyone’s getting a pretty big ribbon box with their spy agent outfits and accessories!

Seunggi: I really like the outfit! (he gets converse all-stars too!)

Seunggi: That means I’m James Bond?!

Madame M to Seunggi: Don’t trust anyone under any conditions!

Seunggi is 007~~~~~!!!!!

Jaeksuk to Jongkook: You think you’re the Terminator with our sunglasses?! (puahahaha)

omg swarm of ajummas attacking MC Yoo~~~ puahahahaha. they just can’t help but to love him!

Ooooh…. Seunggi’s arrived… at the secret place. he looks like he’s trying not to crack up! LOLs

omg… hooded mysterious guy and seunggi trying to do serious scene but cracking up! I love this!

Seunggi and Hooded Guy play card match game. ha, the cards are photos of celebs!

Seunggi matches card pairs moon geun young! And gives a ‘muahahahhaha~~’

Seunggi matches card pair song jihyo! yay!

omg, it’s like all of Seunggi’s ladies (rumored!) are showing up!

Seunggi’s #1 on the charts ‘Return’ playing! Wahhhh~~~

Seunggi just matched card pairs Suzy and Go Ara.

Seunggi matches card pair Sulli~~~ and wins, beats Hooded Guy~~~!!!

Other card photos that showed up – Ha Ji Won, Yoona… but he didn’t find the matching pairs!

Seunggi back in the car, talking, being hilarious like usual! and of course over-thinking his strategy!!!! hahaha

whoa~~~ Shinhye so sneaky!!! just totally tricked Gary??!!

Clue to Shinhye is that Agent 007 has something important. She has to figure out who is 007~~~!!!

More fan swarms hold up Jaesuk and Jongkook gets the finish flag! Congrats!

Seunggi back on screen. out of cab. Jaesuk: Seunggi-yah~~~!!!

omg jongkook and jaesuk showing so much love for Seunggi. Aw~~~~

aw, jaesuk feeling guilty and bad for not letting Seunggi know what’s going on.

omg ajumma swarm blocking Seunggi!! omg this is hilarious!!! Seunggi: Wow, that’s what Jaesuk was trying to warn me about!

Seunggi to Gary: There’s a daebak gift waiting for you at the end. just make sure you have stamina! (LOLs~~ cue ajumma swarm for Gary!)

omg, Seunggi running like crazy! and we know he’s had plenty of practice running on 1N2D!

but now teen fans swarming Seunggi~~~~!!!! blocking him and Gary gets ahead!

Seunggi: Gary hyuuuuuuuuuung~~~~!!!!

Yay! Seunggi found the FINISH flag! Gary missed it while running!

oh no. gary freaking out again! Gary: LEE SEUNG GI~~~~!!!!!

Oh poor Shinhye~~~ she has to get the car key out of a tank of a bunch of swarmy slimy fish! Aw, Shinhye, you’re so cute!

Jihyo gets her clue pieces and headed in the car.

Ewww, now Jaesuk Jongkook have to do get the key out of the swarmy slimy fish tank.

Clue from white teddy bear: There is an R sticker on the hint.

Awwww, jihyo freaking out while trying to get key in slimy swarmy tank. puahahahahaha~~ while jaesuk jongkook eat a meal and watch!

Gosh HaHa reminds me so much of MC Mong. huhu. miss you Mong!

omg, Seunggi walking through some 007 Bond like contraption! Cool.

Ahhhhh, their numbers get stuck inside their name tags.

Madame M to Seunggi: No one can know that you are 007. You can’t trust anyone. Act natural.

Seunggi arrives to join Jaesuk and Haha who are in the middle of playing games on their tab… Seunggi trying to act cool, normal.

Aw, Jaesuk and Seunggi so cute together!

Jongkook gets 005 Kwangsoo’s nametag! Kwangsoo = out

Wow, Jaesuk found the hidden R hint

the R hint is a flashdrive. Jaesuk plugs it into the laptop. clue = giraffe

woot woot! seunggi found the R flashdrive! clue = watersniper

gary’s R flashdrive clue = newspaper

seunggi walks in on haha and sukjin. wait i’m confused. seunggi tells them he is the 007?!

haha sukjin seunggi think the bad agent is probably a girl – bondgirl. so shinhye or jihyo.

seunggi’s arrived in the prism room. omg gary arrives and he and seunggi are HILarious without even trying!

seunggi got gary’s nametag! 004 gary = out

but gary lied and told seunggi he didn’t have the hint so seunggi pulled his nametag! now gary isn’t allowed to give out the hint

oh man haha = out. jaesuk sukjin get his hint. clue = telephone

4 clues together – giraffe watersniper newspaper telephone – letters lined up, prism room password = open

sukjin = out. shinhye jihyo jongkook think 007 is seunggi or jaesuk

omg seunggi explaining to jaesuk, his process of elimination of who he thinks the bad guy is. omg, so funny. so serious but so funny!

seunggi reveals to jaeksuk he is 007 and that there is a bad guy, something jaesuk wasn’t told.

seunggi: how come you can’t believe me?

seunggi trying to save jaesuk from getting out, but he’s not trusting seunggi. aw, it’s driving seunggi nuts!

omg seunggi and jaesuk so HILARIOUS and CUTE~~~!!! love them!

omg, seunggi~~~ why are you so awesome! smart! and SO entertaining! LOLs

yes!!!! seunggi got jongkook! he was the bad guy! jongkook = out!

shinhye just got jaesuk. jaesuk = out

oh noooooooo~~~~ jihyo shinhye have seunggi cornered. the hint was that the bad guy is still alive

seunggi jihyo shinhye in the prism room. they have the 4 hints.

oh no, but shinhye just got seunggi’s name! oh no~~~~~

oh no. shinhye is a bad agent?! seunggi can’t believe it. seunggi = out

omg there was a clue in seunggi’s shoe!!!! the R sticker inside his shoe. he thought it stood for running man. LOL

shinhye jihyo didn’t get the password figured out. darn. explosion. over.

aw, all the RM members together laugh it off. the end.

Aw, good job Seunggi~~~!!! hope we get to see you on variety again soon…

Honestly, I was hoping to see more of Seunggi and Shinhye in part 2…

They were so cute in part 1~~~~

Shinhye’s kinda like the female version of Seunggi in that it’s really hard not to like her~~~!!!  Our Seunggi, who cannot but help to like him???!!!  We miss him lots!!!

Images: As labeled, Naver

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2 Responses

  1. Thanks Ann!!! Been missing your posts along with missing SeungGi :-(
    Wish he would participate in more variety shows but totally looking forward to seeing him this April!!!

  2. I know this is sorta out of topic, but is running man worth it? After 1n2d season 1 my standard for variety has skyrocketed. Not even family outing entertains me.

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