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Gu Family Book – Seunggi and Kim Ki Bang bromance~~!!

Aw~~~ Seunggi  and actor Kim Ki Bang… love him already! And I don’t even know him! (although he looked kinda familiar). But Seunggi so happy to see him at the Script Reading, so I can’t help but to already like him too!

Omg, Seunggi’s expression and wave!  Just like my mom and her friends when they’re so happy to see each other! Hehehe. Sometimes I think LSG really is an old-soul ajusshi beyond his years trapped in a 26-year old body!

Hmm……. why I love Seunggi bromances so much?!?!?!?!~~~ hehe.

Actor Kim Ki Bang (32).  twitter@kimkibang.
Last seen in “Golden Time” and “Tree with Deep Roots.”
oooh~~~ Anticipating KangChi with his Gu Family Book “right-hand” Kim KiBang~~~
Yay for Seunggi bromances~~~~~!!! And with someone he knows from way back……

so cool he was in Seunggi’s music video from long time ago! Love that!!!
When a Man Loves a Woman MV [ENG] – Part 1Part 2Part 3
OMG~~~ in Part 3, Seunggi looks so hot, even though he’s all sad and beaten up!!!

And slimy politician prime minister from The King 2 Hearts~~~!!!

Loved when King Jaeha grabbed him by the collar angrily! So hot!
Wahhhh~~~ seeing images of King Jaeha again… feel choked up. huhuhu.

Gu Family Book~~~~~~ Daebak~~~!!!!!
So excited to see Seunggi return to Kdrama!
KangChi~~~~ Can’t wait to see you!
(Dear GFB stylist/cody~~~ I’m warning you….*shakes fist*)

Images: As labeled, Naver, DCLSG

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4 Responses

  1. haha. ..support your warning to cody

  2. I currently watching dramaThat Winter,The Wind Blows. In that drama, Jo In Sung is the lead actor and I also love him as much as I love Seung Gi..and as far as I know Kim Ki bang is Jo In Sung’s bestfriend..it’s good to see that Seung Gi is also related and close with Kim Ki Bang..

  3. There are some people who like to suggest that there’s no way that Seunggi (or anyone) can have such a pristine reputation because they’re really good people in real life- they like to insist that there are rumours that he’s a diva or not a nice person, just because him being a good person seems an impossibility to them. I like to think that his pleasure in seeing old friends/connections who aren’t necessarily super famous, and their pleasure in seeming him again also is pretty proof positive that Seunggi is just a genuinely nice guy. We need so much more nice in the world, I’m willing to believe he’s just a good dude!

  4. One’s true nature cannot remain hidden for long specially when in limelight so much and for years.
    When a person talks as emcee, takes part in unscripted programs like 1n2d, strong heart etc, gives so many interviews…..something is bound to come out if not sincere or true.
    Close friends and colleagues remarks give a lot of insight on a person’s nature.
    He himself, his behaviour, mannerisms, sincerity, spoken and written words and thoughtfulness in little things for young and old alike is always consistent.
    All this does not mean that he has no weaknesses or flaws…..everyone has them in order to be classified as humans BUT they are acceptable ones when others are not harmed by them.
    I for one am grateful for hours of joy from listening, watching and reading about him……often inspired too.

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