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Seunggi-Mina for My Girlfriend is a Gumiho press con [Gifs]

Hoi Hoi~~ So curious what KangChi will be like as half-man, half-beast in Gu Family Book…. a little bit of BOTH Daewoong AND Miho….  sweet, lovable, cute, sexy??!!

Aw~~~ so sweet of Miho to make sure Daewoong gets what he needs!


Loved Seunggi’s SO HANDSOME look for the press conference!!!
(wahh~~~ excited but very nervous for Gu Family Book press con! hehe)

Such great chemistry~~~~~!!!!
But seriously, WHO doesn’t have great chemistry with Seunggi??!!!
(including all his bromances!)

Hoi couple is just TOO CUTE~~~  So much laughing.
I giggle watching them giggle-laugh…

(video: jstasimplesub2)

Aw, really loved the MGIAG OST because all the tracks were SO perfect for the drama!  Light, fun, sweet, kinda sad.  Never gets old.

The ONLY thing missing from the amazing The King 2 Hearts OST was Seunggi.  There was no time, no planning at that time.  Bummer.  huhu.  But loved the grand, sweeping non-lyric compilations.  Gave such weight and power to the drama.

Would love for Gu Family Book OST concept to be a mix of both those dramas.

Can’t wait to hear Seunggi sing for Gu Family Book OST~~!!!

Images: As labeled/fiesta

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4 Responses

  1. Love these gifs, I can look at them all day! Seunggi is so handsome, adorable and very charming here. He also looks manly next to Shin Min Ah. They keep glancing and look into each other’s eyes quite a few times, I’m dying. Chemistry overload here! I agree that he has great chemistry with all his leading ladies so far which is awesome and I’m sensing we’re gonna love Kangchi and Yeowool too. Really can’t wait!

  2. It’s really amazing how Seunggi manages to have great chemistry with whoever! Be it a nuna, someone of the same age, KIDS, hyung, dongsaeng, his manager, and love how veterans Lee Seon Jae and the queen speak highly of him. Seriously, how can you not love him?

  3. Thanks for this.
    Honestly I still have imagination or sketch or whatever in my mind, that Seung Gi – KangChi would be kind of DW&MiHo’s son thing …

  4. hi ann. this miho post gets me. i still ship this two adorables <3 i wonder if seunggi asked mina about her 'miho character (since they have the same caracter-for research' sake) haha. im still hoping theey could hava reunions somewhere. i still hold on to my silver linings. :)

    anyway. im excited to see Gu family, the director and the script writers are very promising. can't wait to see seunggi's acting too!

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