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Gu Family Book character map + first stills of Lee Seunggi’s parents, Lee Yeon Hee and Choi Jin Hyuk

Love the recent addition of Jo Sung Ha! Can’t wait to see him and Seunggi together!  1N2D Supporting Actor Special introduced me to him.  He even skipped attending Cannes for his movie because of 1N2D!  Best move ever, since after that, he became a household name, as did all the other actors on that special!  Loved all those guys.

But in the fan character map, an important but minor role of Lee Soon Shin character is yet to be revealed?!  I’m getting SO excited for Gu Family Book!  As a fantasy sageuk drama with a young and refreshing cast, and helmed by PD Shin and Writer Kang… I think we’re in for a really exciting and special treat!  Can.not.wait.

Dramabeans: A romantic first encounter for Gu Family Book

Koalasplayground: Lush First Stills of Lee Yeon Hee and Choi Jin Hyuk in Gu Family Book

And based on the first stills of Kangchi’s parents – Lee YeonHee and Choi JinHyuk – Gu Family Book is gonna be gorgeously lit and filmed, and showcase some freaking awesome cinematography!  (loved that about The King 2 Hearts; filmed more like a movie than Kdrama).  But…  sad to think our Kangchi will grow up parent-less.  huhu.

Images: DCLSG, Dramabeans

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