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More Lee Seunggi and flowers for Baek Jiyoung [2013.02.16]

Seriously, ONLY because it’s the awesome Baek Jiyoung~~~!!  And awww, Seunggi’s congratulatory flower messages always so witty, sweet, thoughtful ♥ ♥ ♥  huhu~~~ the lucky girl who will one day  get regular love letters from Prince Seunggi~~!!!!

Seunggi making his entrance stage….

Yeah, I’m cool, I’m chill, no big deal!!!! Hehehe~~~

Hot Hot Hot Hot~~~~~~!!!!!

Love this shot of Seunggi and BJY in the background!  She’s so fierce!!!

I think LSG secretly loves doing the wave!!!

And does it all the time in private in front of his mirror in his bedroom!  Ha.

Love it~~~~ (but let’s pass on the white frat boy biting-upper-lip expression!)

Whoa~~~ so sexy and sweet at the same time!!!!  How’s that possible?!?!


I think he had a really really really great time~~~ lols.

omg, his expressions killing me………….

During Seunggi’s solo guest performance~~~~~~~~~~

gawsh, his long hair is so perfectly coiffed and styled under his fedora!!!!!

My Ear’s Candy performance through the years…

2009 and now in 2013.  Looks like they got rid of the dip at the end.

BJY has a boyfriend now, so I guess it makes sense!

So sexy and sweet!  Hope they do My Ear’s Candy duet for years to come!

Images: As labeled, Naver

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2 Responses

  1. He certainly improves his wave over the years. It totally escaped me in the 2009 performance with BJY. Then it became center stage in the 2012 Hope concert and here, it’s sexiness in a knowing, laid back way.
    When he’s dancing, I could almost hear him go, “Wow, that’s done, not too shabby, right? Did you like it? Did you enjoy it? Yeah, I did too.”

  2. So. Hot

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