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Seunggi for Heritory 2013 S/S fashion [Making video] *swoon*

(video: HERITORY)

*Swoon*~~~  Wahhh~~~  Heritory + Seunggi always make me so OMFG~~~!!!
Great, feel-good music with our lovely Seunggi and his killer smile~~!!!
Heritory is SOOO my style~~~~~ fantastic fashion, concept, marketing!
Seriously, hey crazy Cody…..  Are you paying attention??!?!?!!……
Really love this Heritory making video…..  lovey dovey spring is in the air already!

Gifs are always so freaking awesome!

Can’t wait to see more from the Heritory 2013 S/S fashion/CF shoot!

Images: As labeled/DCLSG

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2 Responses

  1. Lovely! I want to see more! I bet the photographer thinks the same way too. Can’t you feel from the way she/he likes to linger on Seung Gi?! Or is it the editor who just loves to cut in more Seung Gi frames?

  2. IKR! I hope Seunggi will endorse Heritory for a very loooong time! He always looks good in it. The style fits him so well.

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