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[Heritory 2013 S/S GIFs] Seunggi in rustic blue suit + paddle

Whoa, he sure knows how to swing a paddle! LOL.  Seunggi for Heritory~~~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Suited up in rustic blue… oxford, tie, jacket, canvas belt + white pants~~~ Love it!
with killer smile… and swinging that paddle (oar) of his!  Love it even more!

Preview of ‘Kang Chi’ moves on Gu Family Book~~~???!!!  Niiiiice.
Can they incorporate in Heritory into the drama?  It IS modern sageuk fusion after all!

More rustic blue with classic vest and large knot tie and trench…
Brooding and… winking?! at us~~~~ Love love love it!


More of these official Heritory 2013 S/S catalog scans snapshots!!!

Images: As labeled/DCLSG

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3 Responses

  1. Glad that you love it An…agreed that this style realy suit him, just the right stuff….not too loud but still gave the ‘star vibe’.

  2. Nice!!! :)

  3. soo cool & georgeous Seunggi! I just want to take him home… kekeke

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