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New official Gu Family Book twitter appreciates the fan love

Shocked to see this many people show interest in just one day ◎△◎ I have a feeling ‘Gu Family Book’ is going to be daebak ♥ Everyone get ready to have a taste! News that’s sweet like a dessert may be waiting~^o^

하루만에 이렇게 많은 분들이 관심을 가져주셔서 깜짝◎△◎ ‘구가의 서’ 대박 날 것 같아요♥ 여러분 맛점 하세요! 디저트처럼 달콤한 소식이 기다리고 있을지도~^o^

English: LSGfan via twitter@mbc9book

Wahhh~~~ Gu Family Book twitter is SUCH a tease~~~!!!!
I’m seriously dying for some Gu Family Book scoop goodies~~~~
Preferrably sneak peek photos please~~~~!!!!!

Gu Family Book~~~  FIGHTING~~~~!!!!!  Spread the love~~~

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  1. with seunggi around great interest and buzzz is expected…..added to the this awesome cast with Bae Suzy,Lee Yeon Hee,Choi Jin Hyuk,Choi Jin Hyuk….so the interest level is bound to increase……with great plot and cast the drama and that with top notch director pd expectations will be high and since it is shot in advance it will great production quality wise and with this beautiful cast it is visually staggering……..

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