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Seoul Music Awards backstage interview with Lee Seunggi

[2013.02.04] KBS Morning Show 생생정보통

The Seoul Music Award goes to~~ Lee Seunggi!
Winning #1 in mobile voting for the second consecutive year.

MC: Lee Seunggi won top 60.2% of votes and the Bonsang, he was a 2-crown winner.  We personally met with Lee Seunggi to hear how he felt…

LSG: Really, this always makes me more happy than other awards, this Popularity Award voted on by our fans. Continually calling a non-responsive mobile ARS, working day and night to vote, I really want to say thank you to our fans. It’s been a while a since I’ve been at the music awards… and with those such as Psy sunbaenim and other national singers, I feel happy just to be considered together in the lineup with them.

English: LSGfan, Video: geumju park

Aw, Seunggi really appreciates all the love from his fans!

Ha~~~   “a non-responsive mobile ARS”~~~~!!!!

Congrats again to singer/musician Lee Seunggi~~~!!!  You totally deserved it!!

Anticipating that we’ll get a Gu Family Book OST song from him~~~ please!

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One Response

  1. So glad for him. I will like to participate on future voting, to make sure he wins more awards. Please send reminders, I did not know about this one. I am so so praud
    of him:D

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