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  1. You’re right Seung Gi IS the man! How come I feel giddy just watching him and Suzy talk :) He may have very few female celebrity numbers in his cellphone but I know guys might just envy… HJW, MCW, SMA, HHJ and now Suzy.

  2. I think Suzy felt very super excited being Lee Seung Gi co star. Well….he is everyones dream.
    Same here….I bet everyones green with jealousy toward Suzy. She aware of that….but hey, she will be in a drama together for how many months ? If I were her, I dont care playing as his horse or else…as long as I will be with him as long as it takes…..ha ha

  3. Seeing how SeungGi & Suzy sort of, or by sweet coincidence, caught up with each on their way out of stage, and did that “small talk”-

    Awwww, I feel like I am in high school again, young, smitten and enjoying the chance of sitting beside my crush in the bench or classroom, ahhhhhh!

    ** I’d feel same way whether it was Suzy or not…I mean just seeing SeungGi talk to a lady or girl or woman, am already smitten myself :) He does see, like he is shy being around these women music artists.

  4. Gu Family Book Seung-zy couple!!!!!!!!

  5. Kim Soo hyun….watch out!
    Suzy will gonna be smitten and fall so hard with Uri Seung Gi….
    he will grow on you……
    I saw you giggling there…
    24 episode is loooong time……
    If I were Suzy, I will arm my heart with a Metal Armour….
    wear a horse eyes shield…..#sigh…..didn’t help also

    @PEnnE : I thought you gonna catch him first ???…no ?

    • Iva, I’m soooo losing the chase. :)
      You see, I did crash course on kickboxing to impress the half-man/half-beast in him, only to end up breaking some bones.
      Now, am in plaster cast, waist down, and sadly left with no arsenal but a whisper of a plea – “Suzy, ya, cut the chase!” :-)


  7. uri shy Seung Gi dont talk only with Suzy,seems he have short talk with Sistar soyou too^^aww Seung Gİ ,who can escape from your melting charm….nobody ! and the ones who are lucky get a glimpse from are you…are blessed^^

  8. He was smooth…very smooth.

  9. i love seungzy couple…very much!!

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