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Lee Seunggi talks ‘Gu Family Book’ martial arts, wins two for 5.5 Album ‘Return’ [Seoul Music Awards]

22nd Seoul Music Awards [Seunggi cut]

@2:45~ Aw, LSG gives SHinee Minho a hug!

@2:50~ MCTak: I see our Lee Seunggi over there.
Suzy: Woot Woot! (Aww)
MCTak: Turn around, and raise your hand! (Suzy reaction jjang!)
MCTak: Lee Seunggi, show us a wave…
(OMG did he just do that on national tv?! So clever and he looks totally embarrassed! Cute! MC Tak’s LOL reaction says it all!)
MCTak: He’s really impressive (Awwww)

@3:40~ Presenter: In the audience, I’ll tell you all what you want to hear… Shinee! Super Junior! Lee Seunggi-sshi! And Big Bang! I love you all.

@4:10~ Congrats from Seunggi to Sistar~ hehe

@4:19~ Interview
@6:40~ Popularity Award
@7:50~ Bonsang Award
@9:20~ ‘Return’ live stage

English: LSGfan, video: seunggiairen (Full English below~~~)

MC Tak Jaehoon interviews Seunggi… and Shindong?!

MC: I’m sitting here at the tables with the top Kpop stars. Next to me is Lee Seunggi… oh, it’s Shindong instead. What did you think of awesome Miss A’s performance? [Shindong – MC joke around]
SD: Miss A’s sexiness… they were so pretty. Don’t all guys like that?
MC: Of course, everyone likes that. Me too. By the way, you lost a lot of weight.
SD: But I’m still fat though (omg Hahahaha)

MC: Next to me is Lee Seunggi. I read you’re a little tired these days from all the martial arts practice.
LSG: It’s an action sageuk, so to get this stiff body used to that action, I’m working very hard.

MC: To what degree is your martial arts right now?
LSG: I just started kicking! (Hehe, always self-deprecating!)
MC: Wow, kicking?! Can you show us a little kick? (LOLs) I heard that your skills are already pretty amazing… (Seunggi responds with self-deprecating, witty comment!) Come on, show us a kick! (OMG, did Seunggi just do that kick on national TV?! In his tux?!)

MC: Wow, what kind of kick is that?!
LSG: I showed you the front kick. (hehehe. Shindong LOLing)
MC: Um, the leg didn’t seem fully straight, but that’s popular these days?!
LSG: My kicks are meant not to be fully straight, always a little bent, so you can’t know what I’ll target next. So I don’t fully extend my kicks. (Hehehe, Seunggi is half-joking, half serious?!)
MC: That’s a really great answer.

MC: Behind me, I see a bunch of people who came alone. Excuse me, did you come alone? [Ailee: Yes]. Get rid of all your stress while you’re here. And I see people who’ve come alone over there too. For me, I can really feel how impressive Kpop is. Me, I’m really content to be sitting here. We’ll move on to the High1 Popularity Awards…

English: LSGfan, video: kpopstreamonline

Seunggi wins Popularity Award

Presenter: The Popularity Award goes to Lee Seunggi!

TakJaeHoon: Congratulations. Winning again this year, coming in #1 in mobile votes, Lee Seunggi is the winner of the first High1 Popularity Award. Lee Seunggi earned a total of 60.2% of the votes, taking the top spot overall.

LSG: Thank you for giving me such a big award. I always think the Popularity Award is the best. For staying up all night voting, thank you so much to our Airen fanclub. (Aw, camera-cut to Eunhyuk is love!) I’ll work harder to match the love from the fans and make good music. Thank you.

English: LSGfan, video: geumju park

Seunggi wins Bonsang Award

Presenter: The 22nd annual Hi-1 Seoul Music Award Bonsang… goes to Lee Seunggi. (Yaaaaayyy!)

Suzy: Following up his Hi-1 Popularity Award with now the Bonsang Award, Lee Seunggi-sshi, we really congratulate you. A two-award winner last year, not surprisingly, two awards this year too.
MCTak: Known as Lee Seunggi’s “healing ballad” received a lot of love… Standing next to me, Suzy, especially seems really happy!
Suzy: What did you say?! Yes, I’m happy today. (Aww~~)
TakJaeHoon: Lee Seunggi, let’s hear your thoughts…

LSG: It’s been a while since I came to a music awards show, so I’m thankful to receive these two big awards. First off, for being able to make good music and to be a good entertainer, coming upon 10 years, thank you to the Hook Entertainment family, President Kwon, Lee Sunhee sunbaenim, and the entire Hook family. And thank you always to our Airen fanclub. Last year, wanting to make music women would enjoy listening to, I want to say thank you to all the male fans who showed love for the album and Return. (LOL) And for agreeing to co-produce together without any hesitation, I want to say thank you so much again to Epitone Project. I’ll work very very hard to make good music so continue to root for me. Thank you.

English: LSGfan, video: geumju park

Aw, miss Seunggi with Teuk, Eunhyuk, Shindong… the golden days of Strong Heart!

Hehee~~ remembering Seunggi’s heodang chair fall with MC Tak 2 years ago at the Golden Disc Awards!  Much love to MC Tak for showing lotsa love for our Seunggi!

And Suzy~~~ showing lotsa love for Seunggi~~~

If she keeps this up, I’m going to be totally girl-crushing Suzy!

And I can totally see Seunggi and Suzy having great chemistry!!!

Gu Family Book~~~~~ Dae~~~~Bak~~~~!!!!!!

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13 Responses

  1. just wanted to ask what is the criteria of the daesang and was he nominated…..i mean his song was at top of billiboard charts for six week even beating psy’s record……i am not complaining and of course psy deserved it following the unprecedented sucess of gangam style……but still is his song not good enough for daesang or what the criteria……i am happy with the two awards he got but don’t you think he may have got the daesang as well as his song was so well recieved by public……i think no one would have complained i guess…….but i guess i am getting too greedy but this is what i feel…..anyways i am just happy that he appeared on tv healing my sore eyes and got two awards that’s bonus………………….

    • Without a doubt, Psy deserved the Daesang. To think otherwise, that Seunggi would/should beat out Psy for that top award… is kinda delusional

      • For those realeasing album at the year-end always has disadvantages. All of the awards are based on digital and album sales in a year (and a hit song’s life often longs for 3-6 months in a year). So you can see that there’re rarely singers or Kpop idol bands realeasing album on Nov. or Dec. as if they want to get awards. But Seung Gi is such an amazing singer because he did music not because of that.

      • I’m sorry, I reply for @ Airyn’s comment

      • quite agree……..he deserved it as my mentioned before…….may be i was delusional becoz of my bias and the his healing song’s unprecedented success…..it’s all fair……..thank you for the reply…..i should comeback to my senses and be more practical i guess becoz too much emotions takes you too far across unknowingly…………

    • The Daesang winner is chosen by a panel of judges from among those who received a Bonsang. It seems there were several Bonsang recipients according to Allkpop. http://www.allkpop.com/2013/01/winners-from-the-22nd-seoul-music-awards

      And as much as I love SG and he is my main bias, I gotta admit that in that list, it’s Psy who really is the most likely to get the Daesang based on the criteria. SG’s time will come someday soon! ;)

  2. Oh man the kick conversation/explanation made the whole thing even funnier than it already was. He’s so charming. And aw, he thanked the male fans. :D Thanks so much.

  3. I think Suzy has always been supportive of her co-stars, especially the other kids from Dream High, so it’s nice to see her showing support for LSG, too! :)

  4. I watch this video becuz am a loyal SeungGi fan.

    Sorry but I really didn’t know Shindong (before, sorry), but since he is so adorable here, teasing & sharing light moments with SeungGi, now am also going to support Shindong :-) He is full of charm too like SeungGi. And he seems to adore & respect SeungGi a lot too. That’s endearing. (And so cute of him to say – “But am still fat.” Awwww….

  5. On the million-dollar wave:

    I was giggling & smiling all throughout, seeing how embarrassed he was, how he immediately sat down, crossed his legs, then rest his bowed head on one hand (elbow slumped on the table), awwwww!

    He did all these knee-jerk series of body language so briskly, in like 2 seconds, as if by doing so, he could forget the wave that he just did, in tux full glory, on national TV, in the eyes of online & international viewers too. :)

    Lovable SeungGiya!

  6. thanks so much for translation !!

  7. It’s hands down Psy’s year. And I’m sure Seung Gi is happy for him since they’re friends. Thanks for the translation and helping us!. I only caught a portion of what they said. Shindong is so cute. As well as Eunhyuk supporting and cheering him too. All the Strong Heart brotherhood love. :)

  8. Late reading this one but too exciting knowing something about our king seungi..very proud of you as my favorite actor, singer, dancer and etc…We love you always our king…

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