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Seunggi-Mina for My Girlfriend is a Gumiho press con [Gifs]

Hoi Hoi~~ So curious what KangChi will be like as half-man, half-beast in Gu Family Book…. a little bit of BOTH Daewoong AND Miho….  sweet, lovable, cute, sexy??!!

Aw~~~ so sweet of Miho to make sure Daewoong gets what he needs!

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Seunggi dancing at 2012 Hope Concert [Photos, Gifs]

The wave has become Seunggi’s signature dance move…

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Seunggi as Choi Kang Chi + Gu Family Book cast [fan video]

I can sense spazzing to come, in anticipation of the return of Actor Lee Seunggi!
Loving this fan video~~~ Choi Kang Chi fan art set to “Return.” Such a haunting feel.
The melody and tone of the song kinda feels like a perfect match to the drama.
I have a very good gut feeling Seunggi will be singing for Gu Family Book OST~~~
Fan did a nice job adding in the cast and character descriptions @2:50~~
(video: kuvncokoj Vang)

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Gu Family Book character map + first stills of Lee Seunggi’s parents, Lee Yeon Hee and Choi Jin Hyuk

Love the recent addition of Jo Sung Ha! Can’t wait to see him and Seunggi together!  1N2D Supporting Actor Special introduced me to him.  He even skipped attending Cannes for his movie because of 1N2D!  Best move ever, since after that, he became a household name, as did all the other actors on that special!  Loved all those guys.

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More Lee Seunggi and flowers for Baek Jiyoung [2013.02.16]

Seriously, ONLY because it’s the awesome Baek Jiyoung~~~!!  And awww, Seunggi’s congratulatory flower messages always so witty, sweet, thoughtful ♥ ♥ ♥  huhu~~~ the lucky girl who will one day  get regular love letters from Prince Seunggi~~!!!!

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Lee Seunggi for Heritory 2013 Spring/Summer Catalog

Seunggi looks so handsome. This is my fave from the Catalog~~~ Love it all….. the slim look. nice shirt and shorts fit. perfect simple plaid. bright spring colors.  shorts hanging low-waisted. brown leather braided belt. fedora. converse all-stars. and most of all that killer smile that makes me happy! plus, love guys with big lovable dogs!

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Good perm Lee Seunggi can be so super easy…

Dear Seunggi~~~  please tell me the recent perm you got during your family trip to Japan is not as bad as the fan reaction…. (especially considering that most Seunggi fans think any hair style he sports or fashion he wears is “so cute!”)  huhuhu.  See that above photo?  That’s what a good perm looks like.  You look hot!  It’s not hard.

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